new soccer name

October 28, 2008

my creative blog readers – please give me your ideas!!!

My Red Iguanas indoor soccer team is looking to change our team name.

Dusty has informed me that our uniforms – we’ve worn them for 3 seasons now, more or less, the past 6 months, are totally last year.

we need new uni’s…

we are considering going with a kelly-green uni,

and maybe a new name!

I looked up some team names online,
and came across a few to get your minds rolling…

goal-den ____?____

victorious Secret

passing fancy


wii not fit

alive &


touring Utah, day 3

September 18, 2008

Dusty picked up breakfast burrito’s from Beto’s for everyone, yum-yum-yum! Does everyone understand that the food is just as important as the touring this week?!? Dusty and I both wish Alson & Myla were going to be here longer just so we could keep taking them to our favorite places to eat!

Our dear friends Rob & Teresa were the gracious boat-hosts that they always are, and took all of us boating at Deer Creek Reservoir!

Sela/Kiana/KJ/Myla moosey/Myla/Alson

Dusty; he had his best run EVER on the wakeboard today and I video taped the entire thing and accidentally erased it at dinner tonight, I was so bummed…


touring Utah, day 2

September 17, 2008

We started the day with a fabulous breakfast from Magleby’s. Dusty ordered it to go and brought home the works – pancakes, french toast, bacon, fresh peaches, whippped creme…mmm mmm mmm.

Then we headed to the Pro Look Sports offices –
Alson/Dusty/Myla in the lobby
Myla & Kristin
After our office visit, we stopped into Jamba juice. Dusty ordered wheat grass shots which Alson liked and Myla totally disliked. I agree with Myla, yuck! They both loved their jamba smoothies! With Jamba’s, We headed up Provo Canyon…

Alson, a.k.a. “Kuya” respectfully means “big brother” in Tagalag…loves driving around in Dusty’s hummer –


attn: red iguanas!

September 14, 2008

Our first game of the new season is…

Tuesday, September 16th

PLEASE let me know SOON if you plan on being there…

I will not be at this game, so I need it organized beforehand to make sure we have enough players!

I will collect this seasons fees at our 2nd game…


black lava

September 13, 2008

KJ’s 2008-09 outdoor soccer team…


The coach, is hard-core.
It’s been so good for KJ because he has tendencies to not focus on where the ball is and what’s going on…”coach” has an incredibly loud voice, and high expectations to keep him focused! He still has his moments when we catch him shooting aliens, playing tag or playing in the goalie net, but…

he’s had 4 goals this season, and is SO excited when he scores!!!



go Piranhas!

September 13, 2008

Myla’s 2008-09 outdoor soccer team

front row:Cameron, Elizabeth, Emerli, Myla, Abby C, Alli, Mary

back row: Mrs. Coach Emergy, Carli, Grace, Maria, Natali, Abby J, Mr. Coach Emery

Myla with two of her buddies, Boston and Blake…these three play together in co-ed indoor soccer – the Red Lizards!

Mrs. Coach Emery made this sign for the team, and each week depending on the color of team they play, they change the girls shirt color!
Go Piranhas!Myla has been a little discouraged this season because the division she’s in now is much harder, and the fields are larger than the past years…