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Introducing the “Red Iguanas!” We had our 2nd game tonight, last week we lost by one 4-3{first game.} This week we tied 4-4 woo-hoo! We’re all set to win next week! These are all neighbors & friends, many who have never played soccer and are doing SO good! I’ve actually been playing goalie for about 1/2 the game because everyone is new, but that is a big reason we’re losing. Everyone else is going to start getting goalie experience too so I can work my butt off on the field.

There’s three+ reasons I LOVE indoor soccer. It’s one of the funnest things EVER, it’s great exercise{sprinting, who does that after having babies?}, and I love getting out of the house with friends to do it. Plus, we always get uniforms sponsored by Pro Look Sports!

Not sure how we get so lucky!

Congratulations tonight to Jen Granum & Daphne Blanchard who had their 1st goals of this season – you girls rock!

Back row: Starlee Johnson; me; Jen Granum; Janette Duckworth;

Daphne Blanchard; Kristin Trejo.

Front row: Roxanna Gleed; Rebecca Clarke; Eva Strate; Shannon Taylor; Melissa
This is the team/friends that my soccer career started with, about 2 years ago. The team name was, “Desperate Housewives,” but our Pro Look uni’s said, “Desperate” and down the shorts on the leg it said, “to get out of the house”
Back row: Marie Ross; Jenn Farrar; me; Christy; Candace; Krista Goeringer; Tanille Goeringer

Front row: Stacia Ross; Mindy Edwards; Sharice Smith

p.s. I’m back! Blogging is so therapeutic for me, I couldn’t stay away. I’ve been saving drafts of things I would eventually post, and did them all today.

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  1. so professional! let me know if you ever need an extra player, i would love to join.

    got your comment, email me and we can chat. my email address is off my blog. 🙂

  2. So cute! And this makes me think… why am I NOT playing Soccer with all my fave girls? Maybe after this new babe is born, you can add me to the Iguana Roster… (I’ll need to run my fat butt back into post-baby shape!) 🙂

  3. WOW. You just couldnt stay away. I love reading up in all the latest and greatest from you. My friend just opened a kids designer botique in Draper, and she has a website that I think is called curdz and whey. There is a store in univ. mall tht im sure you have seen. She has adorable things. Shes in my ward, and it looks like youd love her stuff. Also We need uniforms for our vball teams, could you give me some more info so we can look as good as you fine girls on game day??? Angie

  4. I can’t help but feel a little jealous right now. I played a lot of soccer growing up and have been wanting to get on a womens indoor team. I would like to talk to you about this league and find out how you can enter a team.

    If you are ever short players I would LOVE to come. I am very serious about this.

  5. Yes, I am still on my blog! Curt is gone and the girls are asleep. I am so excited, you better not be teasing me. I don’t teach at all on Tuesday’s so that would work perfect for me. Please let me know if this will really work.

  6. LOVE IT!! and i love that you are back to blogging…It’s so good to Chat with women all day!!
    OH and WHere am i in the Desperate Picture!!

  7. Jenn called after your game and she said it was so fun! Wish I was there to play even though I am AWFUL at soccer, and prego 🙂 Cute picture of all of you!

  8. Soccer is so much fun! I love to play competitive sports but I am quite sore today! More motivation to lose weight so I can keep up with everyone! Does my face match the bleechers?

  9. Yes! i figured out this comment thing.the soccer looks so fun. thanks for the info on the Altoids. i 2 have the same problem with those darn choc covered cinn bears. i like the plant, i 2 love to garden. there is something calming about it, it keeps me sane. where the heck is summer, i have a planting itch.

  10. Desperate Housewives? I just fell off my chair laughing! And I love that you have custom, professional uniforms!

    You girls are so adventurous. I most certainly have not attempted sprinting or any exercise other than tennis (which is soooo not real exercise) since pregnancy.

  11. Way to go!
    I totally didn’t know you were into soccer!

    BTW I am on your list right? I’d like to keep in touch!

  12. Nothing like a good game of soccer with my lungs feeling like they’re going to collapse and near fainting spells to get me back on the treadmill—I LOVE IT! I especially love the girls we’re playing with! Thanks Jane for getting our lazy butts organized! It is so much fun. (Oh, did I mention that I got a goal last week…)

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