Jane Rhodes is a lifestyle blogger, artist, graphic designer and mother of four. She began her website as a platform for developing and sharing her art and creative lifestyle. Her recent concept Little Retreats Series gathers people together to mingle and learn. From mini fairy gardens to elegant smart phone videos, Jane’s work focuses on projects, entertaining, and infusing the everyday with equal parts simplicity and magic.

Jane has presented her ideas at Alt Summit, and her blog has been nominated for Apartment Therapy’s The Homies Award and featured in places like Design Mom. Jane uses her education in art, art history, business and communication to connect others to each other and to a naturally creative way of living. She loves yoga, unique food, reading, laughing with friends, and is curious about absolutely everything—including how in the world to raise teenagers.

From Boston to the Philippines, South Korea, Utah, Washington, and Alaska, Jane has witnessed art in many cultures, and has collected ways to create along the way. She believes that deliberate living can elevate the everyday experience. That there is life. There is art. And the space between is the journey.