partners in mime costume

let me begin by saying – sela went through a ‘hula’ stage earlier this year, and then became obsessed with mime’s.  i have no idea why. she would ask me to find videos online for her to watch, and then i’d catch her practicing her mime moves around the house. it just killed me with cuteness.

so, sometime in august when i asked her if she had any idea what she wanted to be for halloween, it was totally appropriate when she said, a mime! {a better choice than hula girl for the weather this time of year!}

she loved acting like a mime + my girl has a serious fetish for black and white stripes!

as i started planning the costume, kiana heard what was going on, and didn’t want to be left out! for years now i have found it interesting that my oldest and my youngest daughters {who have nine years between them} have a really close relationship and my middle two kiddos are practically hooked at the hip. this natural sibling connection is what divided our two choices of costumes this year.

introducing our second homemade costume: partners in mime!

my recommendations: ONE | TWO | THREE (i purchased knit fabric on ebay, and made the shirts) | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | {NOT SHOWN: face makeup}

this costume is also a simple, last-minute choice if you already own black shoes, black pants, and a striped top! you can add suspenders, a hat, and possibly white gloves! even the makeup is optional – just wear red lipstick, or go all out with the face paint. it’s your choice.

…this is going to be a very quiet halloween for these two girls!

p.s. if you are interested – here are two of sela’s favorite mime videos: one, two. maybe they can inspire you too!

{all photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

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