elf on the shelf :: giveaway

something fun for this wednesday morning: i have a great giveaway for you! the sponsor is me!

in honor of the season, i have assembled twenty-five days of elf gifts and mischief, for one lucky winner.

the prize includes one {mister} elf + everything you see below for up-to a family of six kiddos. {my sincerest apologies if you have more than six children, i had to draw the line somewhere. and i don’t personally know anyone with more than six munchkins.} check it out:

one winner will receive:

1: elf on the shelf + automoblox by manhattan toy C9 red sportscar.
2: your elf will receive a pair of custom-black-construction-paper-glasses made by me, plus weirdo glasses.
3: time to write your letters to santa with six large pencils!
4: elf helps you decorate by adding two mini light-up trees, and kits to decorate your own 3d christmas tree
5: hide your elf somewhere clever with pez candy dispensers
6: elf gets into the kitchen cupboards and gets stuck in a glass mug!
7: elf goes on a safari!
8: elf heads to the bathroom and snuggles up with a new santa towel + washcloth.
9: while in the bathroom, he decides to take a bath with his festive rubber duckies!
10: uh-oh! he tripped on the soap, and required band-aids!
11: might as well take another nap to recoup!
12: getting snow-crafty with some clay!
13: craft time continues with festive stickers to color!
14: elf gets his modern fix with the MOMA play town
15: in disguise as frosty!
16: elf finds some new friends – micro robots!
17: ahhh fiddlesticks! elf is stuck upside down!
18: add your favorite beverage and let elf enjoy a sip with stripy straws!
19: my personal favorite elf-mischief from last year, he gets caught taking pictures with the fuji instax! {plus two rolls of film!!!}
20: after all this work, he decides to take a break – hanging around in a felt bead garland!
21: he’s a little narcissistic – wants to pop popcorn {in a mini latte bowl} and watch his own movie!
22: elf is getting a little silly – he wants to play the buck stacking game!
23: …still in the mood for games? puzzle time – rockwell style!
24: oh man! after all that fun, the other guys in the house are ready to get rid of mr. elf! {festive lego’s – one, two, three}
25: and last, but not least! mr. elf is going to wrap you in your room!!!

{most items not linked can be found at JoAnn’s Fabric Store}


* a stencil for adding santa’s footsteps to your home!

and yes, once again: WINNER TAKES ALL. (almost a $600.00 value!) i grin every time i think about this. not only some incredible gifts, but you will be prepared to elf for twenty-five days!

the details:

to enter this giveaway – just re-post this elf on the shelf giveaway on a blog, Facebook, or instagram with link!

for example: blog about the giveaway on YOUR blog and add a link to the post in a comment below. OR share the link to this post on your Facebook page, and tag the seejaneblog page so i can see the link – leave me a comment below telling me you tagged me on fb (in case i miss it). OR, follow me on instagram (i’m @see_jane) and re-post the elf instagram image found there (by taking a screen shot on instagram of the original post, hash tag #seejaneelf) and leave a comment below telling me you reposted on instagram.

the winner will be announced by midnight on thursday, november 22nd. a little thanksgiving surprise! {i will do my research & make sure you reposted!} when leaving a comment below, please make sure you add your email address so i can contact the winner easily. and! let me know how many kids you have, or maybe you are an aunt, uncle, cousin, godparent, friend – and you might gift this to someone, let me know how many kids you are planning on for this {up to six} – so i can make sure to send the right amount of goods! i would like to ship these goods on Friday, the 23rd to ensure they arrive by December 1st!

good luck!!! i am signing off a little early this week to prepare for my surgery tomorrow morning, hopefully this elf-business will keep you all busy while i am away. see you back here on monday, i have more exciting things to share with you {and giveaways!} next week. xoxo.

you can see mr. bean’s history from last year, right here. do you elf?


{drum roll…..} and the winner is:

congratulations Terri! your box of elf goodies will be in the mail tomorrow! xoxo.

*reminder to everyone who entered, you can still enter for the painting giveaway being announced Monday, and there will be one more giveaway posted this week, tomorrow morning! happy elf-season!

{all pictures by me.}

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Rebecca Clark

Hi Jane! This is an amazing giveaway…and I can’t tell if my original comment went through so I am leaving a second one just in case! (I forgot to leave some of the info you asked for in the first comment) We have 6 of our 7 children this Christmas. This is the first that we will have my husbands children with us to celebrate for much of the month. I was searching for our Elf, Dodger last night and he is nowhere to be found. I don’t know if he made the move with us to our new home… Read more »


What an adorable giveaway! I posted on Instagram, username daniohia.

I have one child, but if I won I would share this with my 2 nieces and my nephew!

Hooray for such a fantastic giveaway. I love the holidays and this would be the cherry on top! I re-posted on Instagram of course 😉


I dont comment on your blog more, i know i should kind of shy. Anyway so excited about your giveaway. I re-posted it on instagram!! My email is erinschaerrer@msn.com and i have 3 kids 🙂 Good luck with your surgery i hope everything turns out well


This looks so fun and amazing to win:) I reported on Instagram and hash tagged!


Sorry I forgot to add that I have 3 kids and my email address is anissa1183@aol.com

Wendy bird

Hi Jane! I love your blog! I have 6 kids and he decided to do elf on the shelf for the first time this year! Your give away is amazing! My kids woud love it! I reported on instagram. Best wishes on your surgery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Suzanne Hart

What a wonderful giveway! I posted on Instagram. Sure I hope I win this! My 4 girls (mostly the oldest 3) would love to see Miranda having fun with all these products! My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow! Love ya!


Jane this is so sweet and thoughtful of you!! This is the most amazing and darling beyond words giveaway!! You are such an amazing lady in every way!! We would love this and have SO much fun with it!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! (I posted it on instagram 🙂

Thinking about you beautiful girl, you are in our prayers! xoxo

Mauri Gubler

Such a great giveaway! I reposted to insta!
3 littles

I posted on my Instagram 🙂 Would love to win
this for my G-babies:):).

This is fantastic! Your styling and descriptions are perfect as always. Our elf Buddy was packed deep in our pods (as we were living with the in laws last Christmas, GASP!) His understudy appeared on the shelf (thanks to a late night Barnes and Noble run) just in the nick of time. Since we’re in our own place now, and the pods are unpacked, I need to figure out what to do with 2 elves. Perhaps make one a skirt and she can be a sister or girlfriend? Maybe get some little glasses like yours and he can be Buddy’s… Read more »

Emily R.

Just posted on my Instagram. What an amazing and generous giveaway!


What a great giveaway – thank you for the opportunity! And even if I don’t win, I’m loving all these great ideas! 🙂 My two girls would love all of this.
reposted here: http://akdwrites.blogspot.com/2012/11/i-really-really-want-to-win-this.html
Best of luck with your surgery!

Kristiina Aalto Burns

Hello!!! You are AMAZING!!! This is such a wonderful give away, even if I don’t win you gave some fantastic ideas for elf on a shelf…and those pictures are AWESOME!!! My husband and I have 3 children and want to start a fun tradition, and THIS would be perfect!!! I shared through Facebook. Hope your surgery goes well!!! Thanks again for this darling giveaway!

Allison Palmer

You don’t know me, but I love your blog and I requested to follow you on Instagram so I could enter this giveaway! I’m actually Amanda Daw’s little sis.. So I might have met you back in your college days.. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I would love to enter this giveaway through Instagram! Thanks!!
Allison Palmer


I posted on Instagram….. Adorable giveaway!

I would love so so much to win this!!! Just put it on instagram too. My three little ones would be so excited to see what elf came up with that night! How fun! And everything is impeccably adorable!
Thanks Jane! Hope surgery goes well and recovery is quick.

My two little boys would absolutely LOVE this giveaway!!! I requested to follow you on Instagram and I posted a screenshot to my IG page. I also am a new fan and I am following your blog! Good luck with you surgery and recover quickly!!
Lauralee Altice


Posted in insta! This has got me excited. DARLING!

Hands down best giveaway I’ve ever seen! You do things right Miss Jane! Good luck tomorrow:)

I forgot to put I reposted on Instagram. Thanks.


Jane, FIRST things first… MANY prayers and hugs being sent your way for a successful surgery. You will do GREAT! Hugs!!! Second….I posted this on FB for all to see. This sneaky little guy would mean the WORLD to my four cute kiddos..and hubby and I would probably enjoy it more! 🙂 Next year FIVE kids can enjoy it! Again, hugs and prayers!

HONEY!! i love every stinking thing about this!! i just blogged about it on my blog…www.taylorpartyof5.blogspot.com.

Pick me pick me!!

p.s thoughts and prayers that everything will be ok tomorrow!! love you!!!!!

Allison Palmer

I reposted on Instagram!! So excited!

re posted on Instagram too!! yahooo!!

Becky Wertz

I reposted!!!

Amanda Wallace

I posted on my facebook. This is so cool! I have 3 kids, a 14yo, a 12yo, and a 4yo and this would bring some believer magic back into the holidays for them all.



Re-posted on instagram! Am hoping to win for 2 kiddos. Good luck with your surgery, and thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!


Hi! Awesome giveaway! Hope I’m the lucky duck! :)I reposted on Instagram!


*Oops…forgot to mention…on instagram I am @kmgamboa…

Hailey Greenwood

Ah I am so excited about this Giveaway!!! I reposted on instagram and facebook!! Good luck tommorrow!

Rhonda s

Great contest, love this little guy, ESP with the glasses….my 4 babes wouldLUV this.


Ps reposting on ig

Rhonda s

Great contest, love this little guy, ESP with the glasses….my 4 babes wouldLUV this.


Ps reposting on ig


So fun! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!! We have 5 children and this would be so much fun to do for them.

I requested to follow you on Instagram and reposted it there also. My username is @tharker77

Best of luck with your upcoming surgery!

Rebecca Chouinard

Hi, I linked and posted to my facebook account! What an awesome giveaway…thank you for hosting this!! 🙂

Irina Beckner

Wow! Jane, I was so impressed with your creativity! Love it! I reported this on Facebook.


Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! I instagrammed one of the cute photos from your blog, my user namer is @chelseablythe. I am only an aunt right now (to the most adoarble niece), but hope to be a mommy soon and start this adorable tradition with my own kids!

Rebecca Chouinard

I also requested to follow you on instagram and reposted the link to my instagram which is: beckybe18


Jennie Minor

You don’t know me but I follow Shannon of instagram (sent a request to yours) and am friends on FB. I posted this on instagram and FB. Low your blog and hope I win this! Love this! 😀

Jackie M.

A friend recently told me about your blog. I’m sure glad she did! I reposted on FB. Best of luck to you with your surgery!


Reposted on FB. A friend recently told me about your blog. I’m sure glad she did! Best of luck with your surgery.


Wowza! Reported on Instagram

Bree Bell

This would be amazing! My two sons tell me we are the “only family that hasn’t adopted a house elf!” Please help me be “cool like the other kids.” I reposted on Instagram. I love all you do!! Good luck with your surgery!!

Linked on my little family blog. http://jeffandrikkiraap.blogspot.com/ This is such a great giveaway!2 cute little babies {and one hopeful mama} are crossing their fingers!

Lacy C.

What a fun giveaway!! I’ve been dying over all of the cute elf on the shelf ideas! I’d love to give this to my sister, her 4 kids really need a fun tradition to look forward to at Christmas.


Posted on Instagram @breabarrow. Thank you so much for the giveaway… would be fun to have a bunch of new surprises for the kiddos. Have 2 kids (a daughter 9 and a son 6)

Thanks! 🙂 (and good luck with your surgery!)

Mackenzie Murdock

This would be an amazing tradition to start with our family! We had little elves like this when I was little but they got lost I guess 🙁 .

Sarah cummard

Ok, so once I can follow you on instagram I will repost and put it on my FB! I can’t wait to heck out your entire blog, probably tonight when all my kids are asleep. I might be up way too late tonight. I’m sure everything is just as adorable as these elf on the shelf ideas!

Sarah cummard


What an amazing giveaway! My two little boys are at the age where they can really get into the Elf!

I instagrammed here:


Natalie S.

Awesome ideas for our little elf that needs to arrive sooner than later. An amazing giveaway for my 3 little one.s

Trisha Barlow

I posted this on facebook!!! Such a cute giveaway! tbarlow801 at gmail .com We have 4 kiddos!