*our girls*

February 18, 2011
there was a phase of our life, when these two girls were our only babies.

they are 22 months apart.

and, we really debated not having any more kids.

i was charmed by husband saying things like, “for my girls” and “there’s my girls” in reference to the three of us.

we thought two kids was perfect, one for each of us to manage, when moments get crazy.

{ha! that didn’t last long… we had two more, now we think 4 is perfect!}

but, for 3 years, kiana and myla were *our girls,*
we lived in Asia &


turning eleven, myla-style…

December 30, 2010

on the morning of myla’s birthday,
we had just a couple hours to spend with the bland family before they had to leave for the airport to return home…
{we’re very sad they are gone…}
and in that time, the kids all attacked myla with silly string on the beach –
she was a great sport about it, actually, loved it—

myla was determined to be super-lazy, she found a little cabanna all for herself, and set-up towels for her, kj, and sela – they had some serious itouch time, hidden out, together—

the two beach-side activity directors here put together a little kids sand soccer game for myla.



August 3, 2010
it’s been one year since myla made…
the big decision.

this summer, she moved up one league level in soccer.
she said good-bye to city rec. and is now playing in “AA”

their team is being coached by two of her friends’ dads,

and dusty {when he is in town}…
this past weekend they registered the team for


a local tournament, the idea being to get the girls
united as a team, and some experience together before
their real season begins.

they did so good!
i was so proud of them!



taking “soccer mom”

September 22, 2009

to a whole new level.

this year, we have three kids playing outdoor soccer. for the past few years, only kj and myla have played, kiana retired a while ago…

but this season, kiana’s interest resurfaced and she’s squeezing in soccer games whenever she can between her 18 hours/week dance schedule…

three kids playing soccer =
5 practices a week,
6 games a week,
for five weeks.

dusty and i love every minute of sitting at our kids’ soccer games…even when they are unsure of their passion for being there {like kj}.


Dusty might be a little proud of his son…

Since spring soccer has started this year, KJ is a new & improved soccer player!
No longer just wanting to sit on our laps, no longer making continuous requests to his coach to get subbed-OUT, no sir, he is taking control!

He is averaging 3 goals per game! He does take after his big sis Myla, and tends to cherry pick a little too much, but even his field skills have improved…he’s hustling, and staying focused most of the time! Maybe it’s not just Dusty, maybe I share the unearthly pride too.


master chiefs

December 20, 2008

We organized a new indoor soccer team for KJ and his friends this Fall.
Since KJ is such a “halo” fan we named his team MASTER CHIEFS. Dusty had Pro Look design their jerseys with the “halo 3” logo and used a halo font for their names and numbers…they were very cool.

For those of you who don’t know what “halo” is, it’s a video game and “master chief” is the main soldier.

Our tough master chiefs had their last game of the season today. They all played so great the entire season and I continue to LOVE coaching my kids’ soccer teams.

me/KJ/Davis/Dub/Amer/Trevan/Timmy/Sam/Gordy {missing: Eli}I had a very busy Fall and had to call-in back-up coaches for some of the games.