master chiefs

We organized a new indoor soccer team for KJ and his friends this Fall.
Since KJ is such a “halo” fan we named his team MASTER CHIEFS. Dusty had Pro Look design their jerseys with the “halo 3” logo and used a halo font for their names and numbers…they were very cool.

For those of you who don’t know what “halo” is, it’s a video game and “master chief” is the main soldier.

Our tough master chiefs had their last game of the season today. They all played so great the entire season and I continue to LOVE coaching my kids’ soccer teams.

me/KJ/Davis/Dub/Amer/Trevan/Timmy/Sam/Gordy {missing: Eli}I had a very busy Fall and had to call-in back-up coaches for some of the games. A huge shout-out to Gordy and Eva for helping me so often when I was out-of-town with another child or event…thank you so very much!

Dusty is usually my back-up coach but once he was put on a “one-year suspension” from entering the soccer facility that made it a little challenging to have him coach.

Dusty had an indoor soccer game on his birthday with his team the “Dirtystars.” Near the end of the game while he was playing keeper one of the members of the other team hit one of Dusty’s teammates. Soon after that happen, Dusty ran down the field and hit that guy {open-handed; not with a fist.} Well, long brawl short, both men who actually hit someone were expelled for a year. Due to this, our family is taking a one year hiatus from indoor socce. Since Daddy can’t come, we’re not going. By the way, that game ended in a 7-7 tie and the next time Dirtystars played them without Dusty they WON 14-3! woo-hoo!!! {hehe}

Lesson learned, thou shall not hit.

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