a new & improved soccer player

Dusty might be a little proud of his son…

Since spring soccer has started this year, KJ is a new & improved soccer player!
No longer just wanting to sit on our laps, no longer making continuous requests to his coach to get subbed-OUT, no sir, he is taking control!

He is averaging 3 goals per game! He does take after his big sis Myla, and tends to cherry pick a little too much, but even his field skills have improved…he’s hustling, and staying focused most of the time! Maybe it’s not just Dusty, maybe I share the unearthly pride too.

2 responses to “a new & improved soccer player”

  1. YAHOO KJ! I just want to give him a great big kiss!
    Love the Head stands.

    I have a feeling that Hayes will be alot like him. hahaha

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