turning eleven, myla-style…

on the morning of myla’s birthday,
we had just a couple hours to spend with the bland family before they had to leave for the airport to return home…
{we’re very sad they are gone…}
and in that time, the kids all attacked myla with silly string on the beach –
she was a great sport about it, actually, loved it—

myla was determined to be super-lazy, she found a little cabanna all for herself, and set-up towels for her, kj, and sela – they had some serious itouch time, hidden out, together—

the two beach-side activity directors here put together a little kids sand soccer game for myla.
i love these pictures, not just because it’s capturing miss eleven doing something she loves on her day, but this entire place is the most beautiful back-drop to sand soccer.

this sand is magical, too. it never gets hot to walk on. it’s smooth, exceptionally clean, really… pristine. and beautiful.

later in the afternoon, almost on cue to add to myla’s special day,
these two whales went by right next to the beach.

our entire visit we have watched whales blow, we had watched them swim by in pairs,
but nothing this beautiful or spectacular!

the crew here said it’s really rare to see the whales showing-off like this…

these two were breaching time after time, after time.
for about 30 minutes.

i almost didn’t grab my camera because after the first few breaches, i thought for sure by the time i got my camera the show would be over…but NO!

we actually kept swimming, kept watching, i finally got my camera, most the people in the area started to gather on the beach to watch them, and we finally joined the crowds—

for my own record, i have to share kiana’s facebook post at the end of the day on myla’s wall for her birthday,

“happy birthday myla moose(: I love you more than a fat boy loves chocolate, I enjoy our……… interesting talks about clinging hair(; hahahahaha and our, you could say “backflips” in the pool! haha, I can NOT wait to watch Get Smart with you, and the weird immigrant show.. I loved watching the same Glee episodes with you, over and over and over and over and over.. etc. I love “throwing” a football to you(: and always wait for the comments you say like, “wow you suck kiana” or “you will NEVER play football” I thought it was hilarious when you said.. “I can’t believe we’re sisters, we don’t look alike at all!” and when you said, “I’m glad we aren’t twins, that would just suck!” I can’t wait to come back to Mexico when I’m 20 years old with 20 kids and be able to say, “oh look that’s my nail polish!” bahahaha, I love to go on vacation with you, and can’t wait to have you in Junior High!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!(: and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little miss 11(:”

i love observing their relationship, it’s one of the beautiful joys of being a momma.
we had plans to go to a restaurant called ‘the office,’ here which is actually a big party on the beach…

but my beautiful, simple girl decided she wanted big papi to make her homemade spaghetti, and she wanted to watch, “get smart.” so… big papi cooked up a feast & also downloaded the movie for her- it was a beautiful ending, to a beautiful day.

have i over-used the word beautiful? yet?

cumpleaños feliz, beautiful señorita myla.

5 responses to “turning eleven, myla-style…”

  1. oh how i would kill to have my feet in that pristine, soft, warm sand!! i think i'm drooling over this post…

    i love how myla is so simple and totally wanted a spaghetti feast {sounds like my family, hehe}

    what a great birthday! Happy Birthday my!

    ~on a side note, i am totally organizing my blog labels and it is a pain in the butt, but i do giggle when i see the darling posts of how little my kids were. so it's kinda sweet!


  2. Oh Myla, you are such a sweet girl. I love that you got to play soccer in such a beautiful place on your birthday!

    Jane, you are doing such a great job of creating memories for your children. That is something that is so important to me. I get inspiration from you, so thank you! 🙂

  3. Wowzers! Now that's the perfect birthday! How fun for you guys. We missed you guys terrible last night. You have spoiled my kids. They were totally underwhelmed by our 2010 New Years plans without the Rhodes, ha!

  4. What a perfect birthday! We love myla and miss her! I still hold out hope that someday (when they are 30) she will marry chase!

  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYLA! What a perfect place to celebrate it. I love that girl! She is so full of life. I'm glad you all got to spend it together in the warmth of the mexican sun-how enchanting. That's so cool about the whales! Glad you guys are back safe and sound and that you had such a wonderful trip. I hear ya about the 10,000 loads of laundry…but isn't it worth it?

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