We won!

…it must have been the great coaching! j/k!!!

Introducing the mini version of Red Iguanas….


thank you Pro Look Sports for the awesome jerseys!

Left to Right
Elizabeth Duckworth, Stephanie Sosa, Myla Rhodes, me, Ezra Sosa, Boston Taylor, Chase Granum, Blake Heintzelman, Brogan Heward

missing tonight: Aubree Blanchard & Charlee Edwards

We won 2 games tonight, 7-6 and 10-1

12 responses to “We won!”

  1. Man what a game. Exellent coaching Jane. Stephani and Ezra came home so happy. Thank you so much for letting them play. These are our new family blogs. You may want to see some of the pitures from last weekends competions..


  2. Way to coach a WINNING Team! They loved it and Played so good together! This will be a super fun season~Indoor and Outdoor!

    ~Thanks for my Darling Easter Presents!

  3. How fun! My mom was always my coach growing up. I think it is great. I’m glad the kids got to play. Always know that they can miss dance for a game. I think it is so important to have balance and be invloved in many things.

    Thanks so much for the Easter gift. You are always so thoughtful and it means alot.

  4. Great Job Coach! You have a very cute team there! Way to go to all of your players, that is awesome! I love that they are the Red Lizards and you guys are the Red Iguanas!

  5. Jane I love getting caught up on your posts. Love the pictures of Sela and Dusty. And of course of your fun things you happen to find. Sooo I went to Catus and Tropicals and fell in love with everything there. Happy Easter!

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