*our girls*

there was a phase of our life, when these two girls were our only babies.

they are 22 months apart.

and, we really debated not having any more kids.

i was charmed by husband saying things like, “for my girls” and “there’s my girls” in reference to the three of us.

we thought two kids was perfect, one for each of us to manage, when moments get crazy.

{ha! that didn’t last long… we had two more, now we think 4 is perfect!}

but, for 3 years, kiana and myla were *our girls,*
we lived in Asia & travelled with them, bought our first home with them.
so many *first* milestones were met with *our girls.*

it was such a distinct phase in our life that i still catch myself saying,
“where are the girls?”… “what are the girls doing?”meaning: big girls.

vanessa captured *our girls* perfectly.

they are so different, yet the same…

more photos by vanessa, here, and here.

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  1. So beautiful! This really hit home with me, we have our two girls, 19 months apart, and it's hard to imagine having more…I know I want more but part of me wants to have our two girls and explore the world with them, and just them.
    Really liked this post.

  2. wow these are amazing. i can't get over your daughters lines. i pray to have a girl someday. if not this time around maybe the next or next and i also pray she will want to dance.

  3. OMGosh!! i love these girls! love their amazing personalities too. I think it's awesome that you get to have a sporty one and a dancing one. {even though they actually do both}
    i kinda teared up at the last two pics. the one of them together is fabulous!

    love all of these picctures and she captured them perfectly!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am in love with ALL of those pictures! They really do capture their personalities. And it doesn't hurt that they are perfect models either.

  5. WOW!!! Absolutely beautiful!! I love the girlie/tomboy pics of Myla and how Kiana's dance moves are captured so perfectly! Gorgeous!

  6. Ugh. come on, these are incredible. Myla is absolutely adorable. Kiana's dance pictures are stunning. These are so lovely.

  7. My babies!!! I think it's cute how Sels gets angry when I call her "Baby" but my Kiana takes as a note of pride that she'll ALWAYS be our "baby".
    I was speaking to Ammon today (early Tennis coach for Myla) he said, "I'll never forget teaching Myla's class how to serve… boys and girls lined up and I'd have them throw one ball up with one hand and attempt to hit the ball thrown in the air with a ball thrown from the other hand… Myla did it the first try and the none of the others EVER accomplished it."

  8. I love their completely different personalities. Both so beautiful in their own ways. They totally remind me of me and Ali. Yes, Ali was the sweet, beautiful dancer and I was the spunky, sporty, mischievous one!

  9. wowee! those are so incredibly beautiful. dancing was all i did growing up so i was loving those shots. they must be so happy to have these captured. the mid air shot is my favorite.

  10. sorry jane, i i realized i was once again signed in as my husband (edward). but the last comment was from me, christine! thanks for joining emily and i's new blog! your fam is the cutest! ….and so glad to know you let your kids play in the car. i'll watch out for pennies!

  11. Love this post…two very beautiful girls with wonderful journey's ahead of them. LOVE THEM!

    Oh and thanks as again for you kind words 🙂

  12. Your girls, and these photos, are stunning. Love that you have encouraged them to explore so many talents and hobbies.

  13. Really?! WOW! Those are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for sharing!

    The one of your daughter mid-leap? Stop my heart. Amazing!

  14. ooooh, I got a little choked up at that last photo of the two of them. They are beautiful. A great shoot.

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