touring Utah, day 2

We started the day with a fabulous breakfast from Magleby’s. Dusty ordered it to go and brought home the works – pancakes, french toast, bacon, fresh peaches, whippped creme…mmm mmm mmm.

Then we headed to the Pro Look Sports offices –
Alson/Dusty/Myla in the lobby
Myla & Kristin
After our office visit, we stopped into Jamba juice. Dusty ordered wheat grass shots which Alson liked and Myla totally disliked. I agree with Myla, yuck! They both loved their jamba smoothies! With Jamba’s, We headed up Provo Canyon…

Alson, a.k.a. “Kuya” respectfully means “big brother” in Tagalag…loves driving around in Dusty’s hummer –
Bridal Veil Falls-
We rode the chair lift at Sundance and Alson was a little uneasy with the height – but scared of heights or not, it was the most beautiful day.

Lunch at the Foundry Grill-
Time to relax while having pedicures/manicures American style – and, ColdStone creamery ice cream!
And, more shopping! Myla’s first time to go to a Nordstrom store…

Dusty found Sela this adorable Boston Red Sox hat with a scratch-n-sniff strawberry on the top! Go Red Sox!
After the mall, we headed to KJ’s soccer game – he loved having a little fan club there tonight, and played so well. He totally stepped up his game, seriously. He was hustling, paying attention the entire time, scored 4 goals! It was awesome!

After the soccer game, we were off to meet friends for dinner at Tepanyaki’s. It was great entertainment and delicious food! when the chef was tossing the shrimp for everyone to catch in their mouths… Dusty told the kids whoever caught it would get $20! Paris was the first kid to go, and the first winner! I wish I had a picture of her catching it, she was so thrilled…then Ashlynn won, too! Go girls!

the volcano –
Jared {unfortunatley, he did not receive $20 for catching his shrimp!}
Right now, while I am blogging…Dusty, Kuya, Myla, and KJ are at Target. I can’t wait to hear what Myla thought of Target when they get home… she was going there to stock up on Milk Duds!

4 responses to “touring Utah, day 2”

  1. You guys sure know how to host…I’d LOVE to come tour Utah with you anyday. 🙂

    How exciting for your guests to see all these beautiful, wonderful, delicious places that Utah and America have to offer.

    Way to go, KJ, on the sweet soccer skills! Can’t wait for Luke to do sports. I bet it is so much fun!

  2. I second what Jenn said – you guys are the BEST hosts!
    Your friends are so cute and I love that Myla is named after her. It’s so fun to see some of our favorite spots through a visitor’s eyes. I hope Target was everything Myla hoped for (it is for me!).

  3. Can I come stay at your house. I love bath and body and RM chocolate!

    Looks like so much fun! And, thanks for the blog info…coming soon.

  4. What a fun day! I love the Sundance pics! I can’t believe all the color already. I’ll have to go check it out this weekend.
    And I know Dusty would have totally paid up on the shrimp bet. I’ve been on the receiving end of it before! He is so much fun.

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