go Piranhas!

Myla’s 2008-09 outdoor soccer team

front row:Cameron, Elizabeth, Emerli, Myla, Abby C, Alli, Mary

back row: Mrs. Coach Emergy, Carli, Grace, Maria, Natali, Abby J, Mr. Coach Emery

Myla with two of her buddies, Boston and Blake…these three play together in co-ed indoor soccer – the Red Lizards!

Mrs. Coach Emery made this sign for the team, and each week depending on the color of team they play, they change the girls shirt color!
Go Piranhas!Myla has been a little discouraged this season because the division she’s in now is much harder, and the fields are larger than the past years… she hasn’t scored any goals, where it’s normal for her to get a few every game.

But, today, she had her first goal of the season! woo-hoo! She has been waiting for her first goal to unleash her “worm” celebration dance! After her first goal today her coach started yelling, “worm! worm!” and she broke it out for us! Seriously, i love this girl!

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  1. What a cool sign! We need to get one of those! If I yell “worm, worm” at you when you score will you bust it out?!

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