new soccer name

my creative blog readers – please give me your ideas!!!

My Red Iguanas indoor soccer team is looking to change our team name.

Dusty has informed me that our uniforms – we’ve worn them for 3 seasons now, more or less, the past 6 months, are totally last year.

we need new uni’s…

we are considering going with a kelly-green uni,

and maybe a new name!

I looked up some team names online,
and came across a few to get your minds rolling…

goal-den ____?____

victorious Secret

passing fancy


wii not fit

alive & kicking

soccers for punishment

socc it up

8 responses to “new soccer name”

  1. Thank you so much for the clips. Savannah was so jealous when she saw Avas until I showed her her own ribbon full. She hung it in her bathroom. I wish you would have let me pay for them. I love the holiday ones that you did. Ava wore the candy corn one today. Sooo cute.
    As for your soccer team. When I was scanning the list I thought the goal-den one said ‘goal diggers’. Then it kind of sounded pretty cute. I’m sure whatever you pick will be creative and perfect.

  2. I love "Goal Diggers" hahaha
    So perfect!
    I also LOVED
    Alive & Kicking!
    Count me in on the next season too!

    Also if you need a sub, i can help out until the next season. I just might not be quite fast enough yet though. ;(

  3. I guess I am a little to late with my suggestions, but here they are anyway.

    Goalden Girls
    Honey Bunch
    Picante Pelotas ( spanish for spicy balls)
    Ball Busters

  4. How silly!m Oue co-ed vball team is Victorious secret. A guy on our team made it up because we always wear V.S PINK sweats to play, well the girls anyways.. hehe

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