happy anniversary…

December 28, 2010
to the only couple who has truly seen us through it all.
in sickness, and health; in good times and in bad, in joy as well as in sorrow,
more than a few times in wealth and poverty…

our lives have parallelled each others for over fifteen years.

you are the most loyal, dear friends.

we love you.

happy fifteen!

these pictures are from an entire collection i have of one afternoon in seoul, korea. 1997.

the four of us cruised around seoul on our scooters, visiting buddhist temples,
and outdoor markets. the funniest/scariest things happened this day…


flashback friday…

December 10, 2010
this photo was taken one year after the picture i posted last week.

december 1978.

it is my mom, myself, and my older brother john.
we are in my dads living room,
{my parents were divorced}

what i love about this picture,
is i remember this “big wheels” gift.
and i specifically remember wanting the hot wheels version
instead of the girly version…
i had a good amount of tom-boy in me till i was about eleven.

i have memories of riding this big wheels around, for hours, on nice days.
i remember the big plastic wheels getting holes in them,


flashback friday…

December 4, 2010
december 1977

the back of this photo says, in my dads beautiful handwriting…
“Franny’s first christmas taken in Moses Lake Wash. visiting sister Donna.”

the most wonderful time of the year, is here!
are you creating memories and taking photos and making an effort
to remember the glittery lights, jingle bells, and santa?
{i hope so!}

enjoy your weekend!


flashback friday…

November 19, 2010
first of all, this is a great example as to why i don’t scrapbook.
i’m ridiculously awful at it!

third, i’m pleased to report husband never stuck his
tongue in my ear for any other photo op.

i hope your thanksgiving plans are underway!



flashback friday…

November 12, 2010
once upon a time, we celebrated husbands birthday at a bed & breakfast
{here} with close friend couples…

we rented the entire place, to ourselves!

this is how it worked…

we brought tons of food,
played tons of games and at the end of the night,
the couples who had won the most games/etc etc
got to choose what rooms they slept in.

it was a battle!

the couple who lost the most games,
was stuck with the last room available.

it was a riot!

here’s a run-down of just a few games we played…


flashback friday…

November 6, 2010

with my husbands birthday closely approaching,
i have his birthday memories on my mind.

husband and i met at southern utah university in january 1995.
we were officially dating by spring,
engaged in october,

and his first birthday that we celebrated together
was november 13th, 1995.

i gave him a pair of roller blades.
he had never roller bladed.
growing up on a ranch didn’t offer a lot of concrete…
such things like bike riding – roller blading – etc were not his forte’.

we spent many a evenings roller blading around the southern utah university campus. long story short, he never mastered rollerblading.
picture him knock-knee’d,