flashback friday…

first of all, this is a great example as to why i don’t scrapbook.
i’m ridiculously awful at it!

third, i’m pleased to report husband never stuck his
tongue in my ear for any other photo op.

i hope your thanksgiving plans are underway!


8 responses to “flashback friday…”

  1. Oh my goodness, ya'll do look SO young! Dan looks tiny and Jared actually looks like Troy here. I never really saw the resemblance until now ha


  2. oh man i LOVE these pics – what a great time in our lives (well, your whole getting rear ended by a taxi wasn't great, but it led to a little joy 🙂

    thanks for posting these…can't wait to get back there again…

    i'm sure Caycie will be happy to see the "boob grab" 🙂

  3. Wow, I didn't know you knew Caycie (she is a sweetheart). We went to high school together. I remember her asking me questions about Korea after we got back, but didn't realize (or remember) that she went over there. Tell her I said hi if you ever see her.

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