flashback friday

October 22, 2010
halloween, 1997.

fred & wilma flintstone.
the first halloween we dressed up, together.

dusty & i were living in seoul, south korea.
we were in charge of planning an adults-only halloween party
for our branch {church} there.

{we took polaroids of all the couples!}

…i made our costumes, by finding all the supplies in local markets,
hand-sewing, and hot glue.

i made a stencil & used spray paint to make husbands fred flintstone shirt.

i think i’m about to lose my wig in the picture…
and, i’m six months pregnant with our first baby girl, only,
we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl…


flashback friday

October 15, 2010
we made our annual-october trip to lagoon a couple weeks ago
for frightmares.

while there, we visited pioneer village,
and took an old-fashioned family picture…

we had done this once before,
in 2004~

and now, six years later…
in 2010!
wow. how our family has changed!
{i wish i still looked that young!}
…husband said we need to keep the tradition alive,
and go get a picture taken again, in six years…
our kids will be 10,


flashback friday

October 8, 2010
i took a little break from my ‘flashback fridays,’
but now, i’m back
…because you can never over-document the past.
…sixteen years ago, when i was a freshmen in college at suu,
we had a newbie band visit cedar city.
the bands name was ‘life in general.’
and they performed a nighttime concert in a local park…
i hung around after the show to buy their cd, “long forgotten toys.”

…three years ago,
when i was sitting in this exact same spot,
trying to pick a url name for my blog,


flashback friday…

September 3, 2010
i spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid.
i lived near them, and my mom & i spent years living with them,
my mom cared for them once they became elderly.

my grandpa rocked.
he was a painter, poet, and gardener.

i remember spending so much time with him, by his side,
in his gardens. between gardening and life,

he was always ready to share his latest joke or
poetry with those we crossed paths with.
nowadays, my kids are often found
reading his poetry journals, and sharing his humor.
every year at grandparents day at school,


flashback friday

August 20, 2010

{written by: dusty}

April 1997- Jane and I had been living in Korea for a year and a few months, teaching English at this time. We were well settled into the culture and life there and had a Korean speaking class we attended 2 times a week. To get there we had to take our scooter (our main form of transportation for the 2 years we were there). If we rode together, Jane would ride on back and I’d drive slower, albeit by not very much, than if alone. This particular morning in April it was cold and rainy… we were late as usual and hurrying to get to class.

We were coming up on a steady bit of stopped traffic with a double yellow median line so as we typically did,


flashback friday

August 13, 2010
five-and-a-half years ago…

my little man, turned two.
april, 2005.

he was obsessed with thomas trains at the time,
so it was only appropriate that we celebrated choochoo style!

i spent my entire afternoon making that cake,
and i totally thought it was the bomb.

now looking at pictures, and knowing all the current trends,
i think, wow…i could have done a lot better!

oh well. he was two, he’ll never know!
crazy how fast time goes.

notice kiana,



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