flashback friday

in honor of red, white, and blue, and all fourth of july festivities this past week…

i take you back to 1997.

october, 1997

while dusty & i were english teachers in seoul, south korea…
we would plan little trips around southeast asia as often as we could.

one of those trips took us to phuket, thailand.

at this time, i was five months pregnant with our first baby girl.
on one afternoon, we rented a jeep to go cruise around the back roads of phuket.

a star-spangled jeep!

soon after we left, a major rainstorm hit. we’re talking flash flood.
we quickly learned that our windshield wipers didn’t work.

five months pregnant, with dusty driving the best he could on the opposite side as normal, the right side. i was hanging out the side of our jeep, wiping the window with my hand trying to help make the road more visible.

the road was at least six inches deep with mud, we were on top of a mountain, sliding around in our jeep. me hanging out the side. no working wipers. awesome.

one of our favorite memories.
i highly recommend…

phuket, thailand.

7 responses to “flashback friday”

  1. I love that you guys got to travel around Asia. And I love that you were 5 months pregnant with beautiful Kiona while doing it! And I love flashback Fridays!

  2. Look at those Birks I'm rocking… 🙂 My favorite memory from this trip was you getting no less than 1,000 massages on the beach while I went para-sailing, jet skiing, etc. 🙂

  3. I love all of the details that you put in your bloggings (is that right…oh well) It is SO much fun! YOu are a PRego hero. My first pregnancy I would never have been SO brave. Thanks for the fun flashback last week with me and Dusty. Em does have my cheekies!

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