flashback friday…

i spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid.
i lived near them, and my mom & i spent years living with them,
my mom cared for them once they became elderly.

my grandpa rocked.
he was a painter, poet, and gardener.

i remember spending so much time with him, by his side,
in his gardens. between gardening and life,

he was always ready to share his latest joke or
poetry with those we crossed paths with.
nowadays, my kids are often found
reading his poetry journals, and sharing his humor.
every year at grandparents day at school,
my grandpa would be honored with the certificate,
“oldest grandpa!”
i was so embarrassed…
then he would share some classic joke about aging…
with everyone laughing,
i instantly knew i had the coolest grandpa in the world.
he grew beautiful flowers at home,
and he cared for a vegetable garden at
the local methodist church.
i share my love of gardening, with him.

here i am, snuggled up by him on christmas eve…

current day: my mom lives in the guest house behind our home.

my kids run back & forth from home to grandma’s cottage.
the younger munchkins love having sleepovers at grandma’s…
kj tells me,
“grandma loves me so much…
because she gives me a band-aid every time i get hurt!”
my rule: no blood, no band-aid!
there can be challenges having my mom living with us…
at times, i might be so frustrated over something,
you could pop me with a pin just like a balloon.
but, when the cards are all laid out on the table,
i wouldn’t trade anything or anyone for
my moms place in my life.
i learned a lot from my grandparents as a kid,
i know my kids are learning from their grandma, too.
a big dose of christmas spirit has settled in my bones,
which is what sent me looking for the picture above…
i’m starting to prepare just little things,
small, fun, festive projects. planning parties…
are you thinking about Christmas???
have a beautiful labor-day weekend!!!
my desktop computer is headed in to it’s master
for updates, and happiness…
i may be m.i.a. for a bit-
but, i’ll be back…
with lots of christmas ideas, too!

5 responses to “flashback friday…

  1. What fun memories. That made me all nostalgic and now I think I need to call my grandma tomorrow! Can't wait for the Christmas ideas!!

  2. how darling.
    I love your flashbacks, and memories. Seriously what a darling little grandpa. We could all learn so much from that generation. It's wonderful that your kids have one so close.

  3. Love the flashback and sweet memories of your Grandpa. Isn't it cool how life just comes full circle? I am not quite in Christmas spirit yet, but just 2 days ago went through all our DVDs and got a halloween collection ready for the car. I'm starting to think what I can get away with at school for Halloween parties. Kinda hard when we have a no sugar rule this year.

  4. Oh Jane, this is so close to home for us as I (still) live with my parents. They drive me mental as parents and grandparents, but I know that my son is learning so much from them, that I try to calm my breathing down and realise that this isn't forever…

    I'm so thrilled that you have pleasant memories of your grandparents from when you lived with them – it gives me hope for the future!


  5. I love this post! It is so sweet. It made me miss my Grandpa. I was lucky enough to have a close relationship with my Grandpa too.
    I love the band-aid story. It really shows you how it is the little things that matter. So sweet, thank you for sharing that one Jane. I also adore the picture!

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