flashback friday

halloween, 1997.

fred & wilma flintstone.
the first halloween we dressed up, together.

dusty & i were living in seoul, south korea.
we were in charge of planning an adults-only halloween party
for our branch {church} there.

{we took polaroids of all the couples!}

…i made our costumes, by finding all the supplies in local markets,
hand-sewing, and hot glue.

i made a stencil & used spray paint to make husbands fred flintstone shirt.

i think i’m about to lose my wig in the picture…
and, i’m six months pregnant with our first baby girl, only,
we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl…

good memories.

do you usually dress-up for halloween?

2 responses to “flashback friday”

  1. I SO wish I was better about taking pictures before we had kids. So fun to look back at all your memories together.

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