flashback friday

January 13, 2012

it has been a few months since i’ve written a flashback friday.

our recent trip to nyc inspired this post, here’s why:

in august of 2006, i was eight months pregnant with sela. husband and i wanted to do something special with our big girls before the new baby arrived so we found a sitter for kj and took them to nyc.

one morning we were having a quick bite to eat at jamba juice in times square,
and i snapped this picture:

{look how little my girlies were!}

two weeks ago, we revisited this same spot so we could re-shoot the same picture:

{moosey was not in the best smiling-mood.


flashback friday…

July 1, 2011

right at this moment: i feel completely american, one hundred percent, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes with shivers. i always get that i-think-i-might-cry-about-anything-patriotic- feeling leading up till the fourth. actually, i feel this way every day, but much more intense leading up to the fourth. i always tear up during the national anthem at baseball games… and, also during the olympics.

i see soldiers, in uniform, and i could cry. i see flags, cry. i hear our national anthem, more glossy eyes. i feel the planes fly overhead as our local parade begins. tears.

i love driving around town and spotting all the temporary firework shops,


flashback friday…

April 15, 2011

just a few short years ago… i’m guessing 2003-2008 we had hens. for a few years! we even had a couple easter-egger’s, so when we collected the eggs each day, there was a beautiful mix of brown, white, green, and blue eggs. it was storybook perfect. my little kiddos just loved it. even grandma loved it.

we called our hens, “city chicks!”

i used to go to our local IFA, and get li’l baby chicks each easter to have them running around when the easter bunny came hoppin’ through – each year we had new chicks to add to the mix. one of the highlights of the new chicks was naming them –


flashback friday…

March 11, 2011

when husband and i were married on february 1, 1996,
we went on our winter honeymoon to tahoe.

south lake tahoe.

undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places in the world!

we spent our days skiing…at heavenly.

{not sad at all that those random red gloves went missing! in fact, thank the lawd all of that ski get-up is missing…oh. this picture cracks me up!}

i did not grow up snow skiing.

in fact, the first time i went skiing was on a date in high school.

then, when i was at college in southern utah, cedar city gets an insane amount of snow,


flashback friday…

February 11, 2011
february 2001.

ten years ago.

i bought daphne and i, and our four little girls
valentine’s tees from old navy…

kiana was almost three,
and myla was 14 months.

we had been living in our first home for about 18 months.

i was on a huge kick with black and white photos,
and coloring focal points in the photos.

{sara had taught me how to do this!}

kiana, on another day, same month, same tee:

this little girl, will be thir-teen in two weeks…