flashback friday

it has been a few months since i’ve written a flashback friday.

our recent trip to nyc inspired this post, here’s why:

in august of 2006, i was eight months pregnant with sela. husband and i wanted to do something special with our big girls before the new baby arrived so we found a sitter for kj and took them to nyc.

one morning we were having a quick bite to eat at jamba juice in times square,
and i snapped this picture:

{look how little my girlies were!}

two weeks ago, we revisited this same spot so we could re-shoot the same picture:

{moosey was not in the best smiling-mood. such a cheeser!}

and, now:

what i love most about my life, is who i share it with.

this quote, slightly changed by me.

{all photos by me.}

2 responses to “flashback friday”

  1. I love the re-created photo, what a cool idea. I’ve missed your flashback fridays… hope they continue again!

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