flashback friday…

this photo was taken one year after the picture i posted last week.

december 1978.

it is my mom, myself, and my older brother john.
we are in my dads living room,
{my parents were divorced}

what i love about this picture,
is i remember this “big wheels” gift.
and i specifically remember wanting the hot wheels version
instead of the girly version…
i had a good amount of tom-boy in me till i was about eleven.

i have memories of riding this big wheels around, for hours, on nice days.
i remember the big plastic wheels getting holes in them,
and i would sit and fill them up with gravel.
then when i rode around on it, it made even more noise.

do you have fond memories of toys from your child hood?

2 responses to “flashback friday…”

  1. I had a Sesame Street big wheel, it was a huge Big Bird. I rode mine until I was way too big for it. Once I was too big, I would flip it over and spin the pedals with my hands and pretend to make ice cream with the front wheel. I'm glad I'm not the only one with fond memories of their big wheel.

  2. LOVE big wheels and love that you are rockin those sweet footie pajamas. I just wanna snuggle my kids every time they wear footie pj's…there is just something about them.

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