flashback friday…

once upon a time, we celebrated husbands birthday at a bed & breakfast
{here} with close friend couples…

we rented the entire place, to ourselves!

this is how it worked…

we brought tons of food,
played tons of games and at the end of the night,
the couples who had won the most games/etc etc
got to choose what rooms they slept in.

it was a battle!

the couple who lost the most games,
was stuck with the last room available.

it was a riot!

here’s a run-down of just a few games we played…

the first game,
you place a card table in the middle of the room,
and one person has a list of items they are going to announce,
for example, they will say, “keys!”
and whoever sets their keys on the table first, wins a point.

the list goes on and on…

credit card

$20 bill




…you get the idea, right?

of course…


here’s me, {pregnant!} trying to get my bra off – down my sleeve…
dying of laughter…

i got the point! {my competetive side can come out…}

a very fierce games of spoons…

while on the subject have you heard of super-spoons?!?

it’s crazy!

kiana plays it with her friends on the weekends in our home…

you play spoons, but put the spoons in a different room
or on a different floor like upstairs or in the basement,

so as soon as someone takes off for the spoons,
you have to ALL go running to get one!

omgosh, it’s insanity!

the pictures below…
all the women sat in a circle,
and the guys took off their shoes/socks,
the guys had to walk around the circle,
letting each woman feel their foot to try and
recognize if it was their husband or not!

{GROSS! ewww, ewww, ewww, i totally opted out of this game!}

we also played catch phrase, which is standard in our group of friends.
we laugh till we’re deaf and our cheeks are sore from smiling!

and lastly, we had costco-cake!

…i was five months pregnant, with kj.

husbands 32nd birthday.

…there will be many more of these birthday parties in the rhodes family.
because there is much life to celebrate.

4 responses to “flashback friday…

  1. these pictures are crackin me up!! LOVE Them!
    everyone looks soo soo young! haha

    love the picture of you trying to rip your bra off! ha and dusty looking at you like "are you really doing it?" haha

    you guys always play the funnest games, i LOVE GAMES!

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTY!!!! i love you like a brother!! Muah!!

  2. my favorite memory of that night was the fact that troy and daph took 1st place and got to choose the first room and we took 2nd and we just sat there for like 30 minutes waiting for them to run from room to room trying to figure out which one to get…whoever said they overthink things had it spot-on! I can still picture them running up and down the stairs (this one or that one, lets look at the one with the hot tub again…ok what do you think? me, i don't know – lets look at the fish room again…)


  3. HIlarious games!!!
    We loooove spoons! I'll have to try your new way. Matt is super competitive w/ that game. I can see many an injury occurring!
    Looks like the 40 was smashing! You know how to throw a party!

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