flashback friday…

with my husbands birthday closely approaching,
i have his birthday memories on my mind.

husband and i met at southern utah university in january 1995.
we were officially dating by spring,
engaged in october,

and his first birthday that we celebrated together
was november 13th, 1995.

i gave him a pair of roller blades.
he had never roller bladed.
growing up on a ranch didn’t offer a lot of concrete…
such things like bike riding – roller blading – etc were not his forte’.

we spent many a evenings roller blading around the southern utah university campus. long story short, he never mastered rollerblading.
picture him knock-knee’d, arms waving,
constantly trying to avoid his next fall…

i burned thousands of calories, laughing at him.

he was twenty-five years old.

long long story short.
i was in love.

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4 responses to “flashback friday…”

  1. bahahahaha! i LOVE that boy! I would think with all of his athletic abilities he could rollerblade… i'm dying to see it in action now!

  2. the funniest part of this story is that Dusty totally seemed like a grown up to me at SUU. And now I am nine years older than he was and I'm still not sure I'm grown up (and i'm not sure about him either anymore!)

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