dear friends! if you have not heard of hapari, you must check it out!

hapari is a utah swimwear company. If you are in utah valley be sure to visit their store, and if you are not in their area, visit the website.

happily, their lines keep expanding, their styles continue to get more and more adorable and I continue to be a die hard fan. here’s a quick overview of what they have to offer –

Hapari Swimwear enhances the curves you love and hides the curves you don’t.


SYTYCD – Witney Carson

July 11, 2012

how fun! one of our favorite tv dance shows is so you think you can dance. do you watch it? we have been fortunate over the years to know quite a few of the dancers who make it to top 20 each season. it makes watching the show so exciting when you know the dancers! it also makes my heart so happy to see these kids succeed. dancers spend so many hours of their days training, and years dedicated to the sport to make their dreams come true. i really don’t know many other sports that involve this kind of time-intense dedication.

this season on SYTYCD, it just so happens that we have a few friends who made it to the top 20!!!


reader questions…

February 18, 2011

oh. please forgive me, i am so behind in reader questions.
here are a couple of answers…

my kitchen paint color is:
Seabeck, the actual swatch says, “8073M Seabeck LRV 50,” if that means anything in paint-lingo.

i have had a few inquiries about my swimsuits lately,
most of my swimsuits are from:
jcrew, juicy, gap, and hapari.


and, thank you, dear kerry esquivel, she is a reader-friend-of-a-friend who passed along a gift for me.


and the winner is…

February 19, 2010


joey ~ you have two choices on how you can receive your hapari suit,
you can either go to their store in american fork,
or you can call to place your order over the phone,
and have your suit shipped to you.
let me know what you would like to do by email…


see jane giveaway!

February 17, 2010
swimsuit season is just around the corner!
what better way to motivate you to get ready for summer
than a FREE adorable suit?!?

Hapari is offering one of my lucky readers,
one free suit {top & bottom} of your choice!

go here to check out all their cute suits,

then leave a comment below before 10am on Friday, February 19th…
telling me which suit is your fave…

{i have my eye on the green envy diamond v-neck, so cute!}

good luck!


Studio 5

May 18, 2008

Fellow Utah blog readers, tune in again!
Hapari will be featured on Studio 5 this coming Monday,
May 19th, channel 5 at 11am.
This time… Kiana, Myla, and I will be wearing their adorable suits!
I think their new line will be online and in the stores by June 1st…

Dusty was begged and begged by Jill to be in the photo shoot for the new line and he REF– USED to do it, and at the last minute when she couldn’t find any other HOTTIES “his age” he finally caved and let her take some photos…hehe

Here are 2 photos from Shannon’s blog, and the rest will be up on the Hapari site in the next couple of weeks…



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