Studio 5

Fellow Utah blog readers, tune in again!
Hapari will be featured on Studio 5 this coming Monday,
May 19th, channel 5 at 11am.
This time… Kiana, Myla, and I will be wearing their adorable suits!
I think their new line will be online and in the stores by June 1st…

Dusty was begged and begged by Jill to be in the photo shoot for the new line and he REF– USED to do it, and at the last minute when she couldn’t find any other HOTTIES “his age” he finally caved and let her take some photos…hehe

Here are 2 photos from Shannon’s blog, and the rest will be up on the Hapari site in the next couple of weeks…

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  1. Wow! The whole bea-U-ti-ful family is in on the Hapari action, now, aye! Rightfully so! I don’t think I can think of a more photo-worthy fam in their swimsuits…or anything else for that matter!

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