see jane giveaway!

swimsuit season is just around the corner!
what better way to motivate you to get ready for summer
than a FREE adorable suit?!?

Hapari is offering one of my lucky readers,
one free suit {top & bottom} of your choice!

go here to check out all their cute suits,

then leave a comment below before 10am on Friday, February 19th…
telling me which suit is your fave…

{i have my eye on the green envy diamond v-neck, so cute!}

good luck!

75 responses to “see jane giveaway!”

  1. do you think the first commenter ever wins??? we'll see!

    such cute suits, i'd have to say the GNO "BLING" BUTTERFLY TANKINI is pretty cute!

  2. I also love the Retro Sport. But that was a hard decision to make.
    Bye – I'm going back to check out the rest of the site!!!

  3. Hi! I was enjoying all of your polaroid pics-and I love your heart wall-may I ask where did you purchase the camera(what model is it)and film? I just may have an empty wall which could use a heart!! thanks-

  4. the Metro v-neck is darling, and getting a new suit would really help me kick the last few pounds of baby weight 🙂

  5. I love my current hapari swimsuit, but a new one would be great. I love the black aloha sport tankini. Too cute. I might have to go stop by. 😉

  6. They even carry plus sizes! SOO great… because even though I'm training for a triathlon, I still need a bigger size! I love the Red Aloha Print!

  7. I love your blog! You are so talented. I love all the swimsuits, it was hard to choose one. I would pick the aqua bay. Thanks!

  8. Hey Jane! I've read or uh.."stalked" your blog for a couple months now and am finally getting the guts to comment. I think your fabulous. Just sayin.

    I'm a friend of Lexy and Amber's from good ole Alamo…may have even met you once way back when at Grandma Connies:)
    Anyway, love your blog!

    p.s. I'd pick anyone of the sport tankinis. Love all thier stuff…wish I had one for my trip to Aruba next week? They don't by any chance have a store in Las Vegas do they????

  9. I would have to say the Metro V-Neck! Very cute! They are all really cute. It was hard to decide. I just might have to get a few.

  10. Oh my how I wish it was summer! These swimsuits are so fun! I always thought you and your girls always looked so cute in these… I think it's time to get one myself! 😀

  11. Hi Jane, I still love reading your blog. I love the green envy diamond or the Mardi Gras butterfly suit is cute too!

  12. Oh man. I so need this! The black aloha SOS tankini is adorable. Love all of Hapari's swimsuits – even the shores; brilliant idea!

  13. K… I've never owned a Hapari suit, although I've admired them from both near (on all my besties!) and afar (seems like every time I see a cute suit across the pool and ask, "Where did you find you cute suit?", the answer is very often Hapari)!

    SOoooO, I am throwing my hat in the ring for the GNO Bling Butterly Tankini with the Brown & White Polka Dot Sassy Swimwear Skirt. Although I actually can't believe I am entering, since I never usually win anything, but hey! Here's to second chances and turning over a new leaf! It seems to be a lucky year for me!

  14. I love the GNO Bling Butterfly tankini…Pick me Pick me…would it help that my birthday is tommorrow? What a birthday it would be if you picked me! Love your blog!

  15. I love the GNO Bling Butterfly tankini…Pick me Pick me…would it help that my birthday is tommorrow? What a birthday it would be if you picked me! Love your blog!

  16. I love your blog, and I LOVE this giveaway! The suit that caught my eye is the GNO "Bling" Butterfly Tankini with the Tummy Tuk brown and white polka bottoms. So Cute! I am dreaming about winning!

  17. hi jane! i've been stalking your blog for awhile! i live in phoenix and could use another swimsuit! we live in them, starting MARCH! that GNO "Bling" Butterfly Tankini is pretty cute!!!

  18. I love all the styles, but I think the new Island Fever V-neck is my fave. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the big drawing.

  19. I like the blue aloha v-neck tankini… Do my chances increase because I didn't get picked on Shannon's blog?? 🙂

  20. love the GNO bling tankini with the brown polka dot bottoms. I see that's what my sis chose as well. It must be a family thing. I had my eye on that one last year, and am glad to see it back again this year.

  21. I love their suits…
    Don't own one…
    If I don't win, my vote is for Sara…
    I love the Mango Mudd Sport Tankini with the Brown Sassy Skirt.

  22. yikes! swimsuit season is coming up soon …

    i love the GNO bling tankini. i've had my eye on it for a while..!

  23. Funny! I was just looking at their site today thinking hmmm………I wonder if in the month and a half I left before Hawaii,will I be able to pull of a bikini? So I would say the mango mud tankini or bikini.

  24. mardi gras butterfly tankini with the hot shorts brown and white polka bottoms are the cutest, but then again all of them are perfect

  25. Hmm I'm going to have to say the brown sport tankini with the red polka dot bottoms would be my choice. Fingers crossed.

  26. Ohmy, so many cute ones!! What a perfect way to motivate myself to stick to my healthy eating goals by looking for this summers cutest swimsuit!

    I love love love the Giraffe Butterfly Tankini, and the Mango Mudd Sport Tankini, and the Hot Shorts Swim Bottoms, and too many others…

  27. love the retro sport tankini and the green envy! i'm planning a tropical vacation for the summer (to get out of the az heat) so either of these will be perfect!!

  28. Last year I bought a few suits from Hahpari. I loved them. My sister and I shared them and were always fighting for which one we got. I think it's great that this year they have so many plus sized options. Hapari's bottoms are THE BEST! The Island Fever Sport Tankini is what I really love!

  29. So, I couldn't even stand it any longer and ordered mine today! I got the island fever sport tankini!!! Can't wait to take it to the beach next week:)

  30. They have great suits. I love the new island fever v-neck tankini. Super cute. It will be nice to get to back in shape after this baby gets here. and a new swim suit is the right motivation.

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