SYTYCD – Witney Carson

how fun! one of our favorite tv dance shows is so you think you can dance. do you watch it? we have been fortunate over the years to know quite a few of the dancers who make it to top 20 each season. it makes watching the show so exciting when you know the dancers! it also makes my heart so happy to see these kids succeed. dancers spend so many hours of their days training, and years dedicated to the sport to make their dreams come true. i really don’t know many other sports that involve this kind of time-intense dedication.

this season on SYTYCD, it just so happens that we have a few friends who made it to the top 20!!! right this minute, i want to introduce you to the most darling girl… witney carson. she’s gorgeous! and the most amazing dancer! we’ve known witney since she was twelve years old, and she has always been the most genuine, fun-loving, sweetheart. if you follow my bestie shannon’s blog a beautiful life, shannon is her aunt – and shannon’s sister jill {witney’s momma} is the owner of hapari swimwear in American Fork, Utah. hapari has sponsored seejaneblog before, and i’ve mentioned their swimwear multiple times over the years. {small world.}

so. this is how it works – it’s getting close to time when america starts voting for their favorite dancers. the show airs every wednesday evening {tonight!!!} on FOX, and i’m asking you to watch, and vote!

you can watch witney’s signature move here, ::please:: like her on Facebook here, and her twitter handle is @dance9witney if you give her shout-out it will make her day!

thank you so much – go, witney, go!

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  1. Jane, you are awesome!!! so glad you blogged about it and just in time!! i seriously could watch both those dances from her and lindsay over and over again!! xo

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