Recycled Consign & Design Cedar City Utah little retreats by Jane via seejaneblog.jpg I did it! I took L I T T L E R E T R E A T S on the road, and it was a success! And by “I” I mean an entire team of WE! Especially this last weekend. In fact, I’ve been overcome with gratitude for my family, and friends who support and help me in big ways to make these retreats possible.

This time around we rented a trailer, loaded up our tables, kitchen supplies, and more. Kitchen Eighty-eight went on the road with us, Amanda who owns Recycled Consign & Design was the most gracious host — everyone was so much help! Even my daughter’s boyfriend was hauling stuff around all weekend for me –


little retreat no. 5

March 10, 2015

driftwood mobile and swedish hasbeens via seejaneblogCedar City, Utah!!!! I am headed your way!!! This is really fun for me because I went to SUU for college, it’s where my husband and I met, where we were living when we got married, and where our first baby was born! I have so many good memories in Cedar that I’m thrilled to be planning the next L I T T L E R E T R E A T there.

On Friday, March 20th, 5-8pm I will be joining forces with Recycled Consign & Design, and Kitchen eighty-eight to bring you a lovely evening of good food, drinks, and making.

On the agenda – are these driftwood mobiles!


Little Retreat No. 4

February 2, 2015

little retreats by jane calligraphy via seejaneblog It’s time for the next L I T T L E R E T R E A T !!!

This month, the beautifully talented Melissa Esplin will be joining us to teach calligraphy! This will be a beginner’s level – introduction to gorgeous hand writing! Each guest will receive all the tools needed to learn and continue practicing on your own. Perfect timing for Valentines day, you can use your newly discovered skill to write love notes!

There will be delicious food by kitchen eighty-eight, the menu and schedule will include:


A selection of five tapas:
Cream cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms
Spiced Orange glazed chicken lollipops


tea bar ideas via seejaneblog

Last night was officially the third little retreat – and now that I’ve hosted three, I’ve decided my favorite part is watching people discover new things. Whether it’s a new friend, a new skill, or tasting a new food — I thoroughly enjoy listening to the conversations or observing strangers who become friends, and witnessing these experiences.

Last night, we started the evening with an herbal tea bar, one of my favorite details. Gygi Koster was our beautiful teacher for an hour of yoga and meditation. Shelby Russell spoke to us about multiple ideas to eat healthy and to invest in taking care of our bodies – mentally, physically and spiritually.



January 5, 2015


Are you feeling the new year, new you energy with the arrival of 2015???

For weeks I have been excited about this month’s retreat! One of my favorite local yogi’s Gygi Koster will be giving us a yoga/meditation class! This is the perfect way to help implement balance into your ambitious goals for the year! Or, if you have always been intrigued with yoga but you’re an absolute beginner – this class is for YOU! Remember: there is no judging when doing yoga, we’re all filled with the zen spirit! This retreat will be a great introduction to yoga. And, for those of you who are experienced yogi’s, this is a prime opportunity to take some one on one time with an experienced teacher and ask all the questions you’ve been dying to ask!