reader questions…

oh. please forgive me, i am so behind in reader questions.
here are a couple of answers…

my kitchen paint color is:
Seabeck, the actual swatch says, “8073M Seabeck LRV 50,” if that means anything in paint-lingo.

i have had a few inquiries about my swimsuits lately,
most of my swimsuits are from:
jcrew, juicy, gap, and hapari.


and, thank you, dear kerry esquivel, she is a reader-friend-of-a-friend who passed along a gift for me. you are very sweet, especially for adding a little owl love. hugs.

4 responses to “reader questions…”

  1. i love how you always mix and match your tops and bottoms to your suits. very very cute.

    now if we could all just look as good as you in them. 😉

  2. Thank you! I will search it! Do You know what brand it is. (Paint)
    Love the pics of your cute girls! You are amazing with 4 kids! And having them so close. I have 3 boys. And they are 4 and 5years apart!
    And it is so fun to see pics of Utah. I grew up in Orem, and moved to AZ in 8th grade. So it is fun to see the lush green pics, and the snow covered pics as well.

  3. Haha, i was going to echo Shannon. As part II to whomever asked the where you got the swimsuit question, how about where can we get your swimsuit body to go with it?!? 😉

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