loyalty vs good business…

January 2, 2012

Loyalty vs. good biz decision.

I had a Hummer once. It was my dream car. It was big, decked, and perfect for ME. It also got about 9 miles to the gallon. Moving to Boston I needed something I could actually park on the street and that got better gas mileage. I sold the Hummer of 3 years and bought a little crossover. I’m not telling you this to brag that I owned a Hummer (however, did it work? Are you jealous?). I’m referring to El Capitan or Tek. He wants to play and we owe it to him, right?? He’s caught more games in a Red Sox uniform than anyone else. He’s also helped us win two WS titles and helped break the curse!


did you know i am married to a red sox fanatic? {is there a club or support group for wives like me?!?} did you know we spent years talking & dreaming about living out east? did you know we finally made the big move? did you know we uprooted our family of six that was born & raised out west and moved to Boston so we could be closer to the sox? sounds crazy, right? it’s totally true.

most of our adventures since moving to boston in july of 2011 can be found right here on see jane blog. recently, husband and i decided it would be fun to give him his own space here to write about his beloved sox.


fenway park, tour…

December 18, 2011

when the howell boys were visiting, we headed to fenway for a tour…

fingers crossed we get to go to a bruins game before this season ends!

fenway park tours, click here for more info!


dear readers, my images/photos lately look a bit grainy & i haven’t changed anything on my side. do they look this way on your screens? please let me know… thanks! xoxo.


fenway park.

September 30, 2011

we’re slowly making our way all-the-way-around-fenway-park.

fenway is so unique, did you know:

  • it was built in 1912 and opened on the same day the Titanic sunk {kinda eeery!}
  • Fenway Park was built to conform to the parcel of land that was allotted to it and the field’s resulting dimensions led to many of the ballpark’s unique features.
  • Most notably, there’s the 37-foot high Green Monster – the most recognized piece of ballpark architecture in the world – which spans 240 feet before giving way to the area known as the triangle in center field. — The Green Monster has undergone a major transformation in recent years, capped by the 2003 addition of 274 seats atop it.


we have become pros at getting last-minute-cheap-really-great-seats to the red sox games.

because, husband watches the prices plummet on stub hub when the weather reports rain.

lucky for us, the sox still play when it rains!

nancy, my life-saving-sister-in-law who drove across the country twice for us this summer…

yes, TWICE.

she totally deserved a night out to a game after her second arrival.

and, rain was in the forecast.

not only rain, but a hurricane!

{shorts + rainboots have become a staple outfit for me here in the warm-wet weather}

i’m sure i’ll post about this all the time…


{written by: our big papi}

For some devout fanatics it is a life time goal to worship at Mecca. I’ve heard stories of Muslims traveling for weeks to kneel to the East in prayer in this sacred city. July 28th was that day for us… of course I’d been to Mecca many times but never with my entire family.

Our trip started hours before on the internet where we watched StubHub faithfully for the impending ticket prices slashed because of the rain. Shortly before they closed the sales it happened and we were able to get all 6 of us within 4 rows of the field just behind the on deck circle for the price that it normally costs for 1.