when it’s ok to sit in the rain…

we have become pros at getting last-minute-cheap-really-great-seats to the red sox games.

because, husband watches the prices plummet on stub hub when the weather reports rain.

lucky for us, the sox still play when it rains!

nancy, my life-saving-sister-in-law who drove across the country twice for us this summer…

yes, TWICE.

she totally deserved a night out to a game after her second arrival.

and, rain was in the forecast.

not only rain, but a hurricane!

{shorts + rainboots have become a staple outfit for me here in the warm-wet weather}

i’m sure i’ll post about this all the time…
but, going to a baseball game at fenway is like no other. it’s unreal. the park is magical.

and, taking nancy to her first game at fenway was a total treat.


we literally ran-out of the game, along with everyone else.
hurricane irene was right around the corner…

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