introducing… my new featured guest!

did you know i am married to a red sox fanatic? {is there a club or support group for wives like me?!?} did you know we spent years talking & dreaming about living out east? did you know we finally made the big move? did you know we uprooted our family of six that was born & raised out west and moved to Boston so we could be closer to the sox? sounds crazy, right? it’s totally true.

most of our adventures since moving to boston in july of 2011 can be found right here on see jane blog. recently, husband and i decided it would be fun to give him his own space here to write about his beloved sox. first an introduction, followed by sporadic sox updates – because, he doesn’t want to commit to a-certain-day-of-the-week-weekly-post. that’s too much commitment. after all, we dont want this task to impede on his time checking the red sox hot stove* or watching a game!

the “sox updates” posts will appear as he is inspired to share.


* hot stove: the inside scoop of what’s going on right now. rumors. trades. signings.


For those of you that can’t move to Boston to prove your loyalty to your Sox… WHAT’S WRAHNG WITH YAH?!? You awen’t FRAHHM Boston. Yah, payrents awen’t frahm Boston! How can yah call yahself a fan!?

Until my first trip to Mecca… err… Fenway. I felt like this. I’m not alone. There are thousands of us. When I say us I mean faithful lovers of all things Sox! I mean guys that watch every Sox game on TV because they don’t live on the right side of the Mississippi. I mean fans like me that somehow, someway became obsessed with the Sox to the point that they would give up sex to watch the highlights of a game that THEY’VE ALREADY SEEN 3 times.

So how did you start loving the Sox? Was it the monumental turnaround in ’04 to take the series against the Yanks after being down 3-0? Is it simply the that the red B on a navy blue hat matched 2 out of your 3 days of clothes in college? Is it deeper? Is it the fact that we’ve been the underdogs since the sale of the Babe? What is it? We can all cite the exact moment we started following! We have all been faithful ever since! Does it make us inferior to those with that ridiculous South Boston accent (alright, I may actually covet that accent… but)?? Does it make us dilettantes because we don’t know Fenway’s proximity to the Big Dig?

The answer is obvious and these blog posts are for you… each week I’ll give you my analysis of what’s going on and what I think we need to do! Chime in! Rip on my comments or agree on the take!! But participate.

Week 52- 2011:

My general view is this…

On money- The Yanks have bought every damn title they have. Not once have they won a championship without having the highest salary. I don’t want the slightest resemblance to them. I don’t like their style and I can’t stand their owners! I DON’T WANT Cherington to go out and pay the most money for an Albert Pujols- WAS A-GONE A DEAL OR WHAT?? I like the Alfredo Aceves style pick ups- the Oki Doki’s! Yes, it may make for frustrating off seasons for fans without glamorous splashes… but we are thinkers not spenders. I don’t want to be near the luxury tax threshold.

On players- The Nick Punto signing is a PERFECT example. He is a lifetime utility player that knows his role. He’s a team first guy that wants to win!! He can’t hit a lick… I know that. But he provides a back-up option that is a powerful bench influence. In other words, I like attitude! I like the Pedey’s (we all do!!) and the Trot Nixon’s! I like the grinders that don’t gripe! Give me a team full of average players with above average attitudes over a lineup of cocky all-stars any day!

On coaches- Tito was the perfect coach for the team he had in his early days! He was a players’ coach that balanced a Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez to perfection. I hated the Bobby V. signing but I respect how he’s approached the players. I love the moving of Bogar to the bench. He was a horrible base coach but has excellent relations with his players.

On management- It’s a balance of making money and pleasing fans. I love the new management. They are no Yawkey’s but times are different. I love that John Henry will get pissed off and drive the radio station to voice his opinion to the guys bagging on him. I love that Lucchino will say shiz about the Yanks. And I love that Werner dated Katie Couric! Ben Cherington is my dream manager! He’s an academic like Theo with a baseball background!! He’s played the game. Together they are a management team that is passionate about putting the best team possible on the field while making the best possible decisions with money (see my views on money).

On fans- PEOPLE… this is not your life!! This is a hobby!! Don’t forget those things of most importance… i.e. family!

– Dusty


find out what inspired husband to become a red sox fan here. the first fenway game we took our kids to here. more games from the 2011 season here and here.  and, our little man is a die-hard fan, too! ♥

5 responses to “introducing… my new featured guest!”

  1. I know I keep commenting, but I just wanted to say that the first post I ever saw on your blog was one about a red sox themed room in your house (or maybe it was someone else’s house?), and it was then that I was hooked to this blog (I’ve been a sox fan since I was 11 years old).

    I look forward to future posts about the sox!

  2. i am loving the boston accent! and i too am totally hooked now, {along with husband & the 12 yr old boy in this house} ever since the game at fenway! We had a fabulous and very memorable time, it totally helped that the game was “off the Hook” fun to see it through the eyes of my Boston, and you would be proud of what he wears these days…. ALL “Boston” paraphanelia! {sp?} haha

    LOVE the UPDATES!!

  3. “I’m a Harvawd Pracktah, give me yer caud”. That’s what I heard once when going to school there. We carried around white cards along with our Student ID’s. If we broke any rules we got in big trouble and had to speak with the dean. My offense was 17 of us crammed into a guys bedroom in our dorm (co-ed Holworthy Hall) where we had zero air conditioning except his room because he had asthma that allowed him to get a window unit. For those 30 min of cool air…it was worth it LOL!


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