fenway park, tour…

when the howell boys were visiting, we headed to fenway for a tour…

fingers crossed we get to go to a bruins game before this season ends!

fenway park tours, click here for more info!


dear readers, my images/photos lately look a bit grainy & i haven’t changed anything on my side. do they look this way on your screens? please let me know… thanks! xoxo.

3 responses to “fenway park, tour…”

  1. I love your blog. just love <3 and to answer your question, the pictures are looking a bit grainy for me also 🙁
    Hopefully you will be able to figure out the problem!

  2. Loving all your Bruin’s gear! Because they won the Cup last season it’ll be harder to get tickets, but I bet you’ll be able to. And if they make the playoffs again in April, Boston will be a very fun city to be a part of.

    I haven’t noticed a change in the quality of your photos, at least not the ones that weren’t taken by a phone.

    So happy to be able to read your blog again. I just need to remind myself that I CAN read it now, because I tend to forget for a couple of days!

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