fenway park.

we’re slowly making our way all-the-way-around-fenway-park.

fenway is so unique, did you know:

  • it was built in 1912 and opened on the same day the Titanic sunk {kinda eeery!}
  • Fenway Park was built to conform to the parcel of land that was allotted to it and the field’s resulting dimensions led to many of the ballpark’s unique features.
  • Most notably, there’s the 37-foot high Green Monster – the most recognized piece of ballpark architecture in the world – which spans 240 feet before giving way to the area known as the triangle in center field. — The Green Monster has undergone a major transformation in recent years, capped by the 2003 addition of 274 seats atop it.

there are unique places to sit all over the park –
yes, we have our favorite-seats,
we love sitting on the first base line in field box 33. if you must know.

however, when someone offers you FREE tickets, those are also favorite seats!

which was the case, this one very special-sunny day!

we have new friends here in boston that called one afternoon – exactly 90 minutes before the 4pm game and offered us their season ticket seats for that day!

these seats were located in what’s known as “the state street pavillion,” and they were totally fun.  lots of space for the kiddos to move around, your own waiter.

…we took our little munchkins with us since our big girls were still at school!!!

a few days later, husband and i sat in green monster seats for the very first time!

it. was. AWESOME.

and, a little peek at red sox culture, a middle of the 8th inning sing-a-long:

sela singing at fenway }

…i’ve decided that going to a sox game at fenway is quite simply, baseball nirvana.

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