…and just like that…

our boston adventure is coming to an end.

two years went by so quickly.
we had no idea how long we would stay,
no idea where we would live,
who we would meet,
and what we would explore while we were here.

but, we knew we would go to fenway. and this past tuesday, we took kj and myla to what was our last sox game, while we lived here… this time. becuase, y’know… we will be back to visit, and go to more sox games. and maybe, just maybe one day we’ll come back to live in bean town again.

fenway park via seejaneblog

inside fenway via seejaneblog

fenway team store via seejaneblog

to end on a high note, husband surprised kj and myla with onfield access for batting practice two hours before the game started. it’s one of the perks of being a part of red sox nation, and after husband has applied for onfield access over and over again — it was granted for our last game!

inside fenway with the rhodes via seejaneblog

big papi and myla via seejaneblog

fenway favorites via seejaneblog

big papi and kj under fenway via seejaneblog

we watched big papi, buchholz, and valentino to name just a few during batting practice…

myla and kj onfield access via seejaneblog


myla got Kevin Millar’s autograph, he was at the field with his kids! KJ got Buccholz {who we all adore}, and Victorino’s autographs on the same ball – he was so excited!

buchholz and kj at fenway via seejaneblog

fenway batting practice via seejaneblog

outfield at fenway via seejaneblog

dugout at fenway via seejaneblog

fenway franks at our last game via seejaneblog

fenway has been the home to some of our families favorite memories. we’ve reached a point to where kj just roams the ballpark when we attend games – he likes to hang out by the dugout, go buy his hot dogs and treats all by himself, and peruse the team store clubhouse to check out all the vintage baseball cards. this place will always be one of our favorites.

we are on the brink of change again, a new home and new adventures await us. …just like that.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

3 responses to “…and just like that…

  1. This is such a heart-wrenching post. I am not even leaving and I felt waves of nostalgia looking at these pictures of Fenway. You have a way of capturing the beauty, the essence and the feelings of people and places that is unique but never overdone. You give us the real story.

    It has been a great pleasure to know you and your wonderful family. I will miss all of you. 🙁

  2. what a cool way to go out. i’m sure your kids will always remember it. and i’m jealous he got Shane Victorino’s autograph, I’m still wishing he was a Phil.

    can’t wait to see where your adventure takes you.

  3. This is possibly my favorite post of yours Jane! Love the pictures…KJ is so excited and will now treasure that ball forever! I’m sad that you are leaving Boston (one of my favorite places in the world) but maybe I will get to see you and your cute kids here in Utah! Safe travels.

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