This year the Pro Look Christmas party began at Carrabba’s Italian restaurant for dinner. Dusty had changed the entire game plan the night before and spent all day preparing for a “Price Is Right” theme as opposed to his previous idea. He took Sela in the morning to buy all the items necessary from Macey’s, Best Buy and Costco. He finished purchasing the items at 5:30pm. The dinner started at 6pm so we missed the first hour as we all raced to prepare. I have to admit… although not organized months in advance as I’d like… he masterfully concocted and pulled off a gameplan that should take weeks in a matter of hours. Anyway, we caught the end of dinner,


pro look turkey bowl

November 26, 2008

this year it was the oldest five vs. the youngst five

white team {old guys} lost 6-5
dusty: “but we kept our pride.”

brian/jason/nick/kc/brent l/brent h

wow, that is some good eye candy…


touring Las Vegas, day 5

September 24, 2008

After arriving past midnight to Vegas, Dusty and I took advantage of SLEEPING the next morning while Alson and Myla began their sightseeing.

Since we were staying at the Mandalay Bay, they woke up and went to the “Shark Reef” exhibition that we had just gone to with our kids in August…

Then we met up with them to go to the Venetian…

Dusty had two things he was shopping for on this trip.
2-fossil wallet

When we walked into the Venetian Palazzo shops, Dusty walked straight into the store Dolce’ and experienced love at first sight with these sunglasses…

Chrome Hearts.


touring Utah, day 4

September 19, 2008

Before our road trip to Vegas, we had a full day of eating & errands…

At our home, they had crepes a.k.a. grandma Connie’s omelets for breakfast.

As we headed over to the mall for some more shopping, we stopped at
for Italian Gelato, mmm mmmm mmm
{{{everyone needs to stop by this place and try the grapefruit, coconut, and tiramisu}}} oh, my…it’s good.

Since we were in the neighborhood, I took them to
Startup Candy Co.
for my favorite treat in the world!
chocolate covered cinnamon bears!

We had lunch at


touring Utah, day 3

September 18, 2008

Dusty picked up breakfast burrito’s from Beto’s for everyone, yum-yum-yum! Does everyone understand that the food is just as important as the touring this week?!? Dusty and I both wish Alson & Myla were going to be here longer just so we could keep taking them to our favorite places to eat!

Our dear friends Rob & Teresa were the gracious boat-hosts that they always are, and took all of us boating at Deer Creek Reservoir!

Sela/Kiana/KJ/Myla moosey/Myla/Alson

Dusty; he had his best run EVER on the wakeboard today and I video taped the entire thing and accidentally erased it at dinner tonight, I was so bummed…


touring Utah, day 2

September 17, 2008

We started the day with a fabulous breakfast from Magleby’s. Dusty ordered it to go and brought home the works – pancakes, french toast, bacon, fresh peaches, whippped creme…mmm mmm mmm.

Then we headed to the Pro Look Sports offices –
Alson/Dusty/Myla in the lobby
Myla & Kristin
After our office visit, we stopped into Jamba juice. Dusty ordered wheat grass shots which Alson liked and Myla totally disliked. I agree with Myla, yuck! They both loved their jamba smoothies! With Jamba’s, We headed up Provo Canyon…

Alson, a.k.a. “Kuya” respectfully means “big brother” in Tagalag…loves driving around in Dusty’s hummer –



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