September 16, 2011

we have this little tradition:
our kids take turns going with husband on his work trips to the philippines.

it’s really a win/win for husband and the kids. big papi gets homesick and really starts to miss us while taking 2-3 week work trips & having a kiddo with him totally helps + it’s very important to us {if you haven’t noticed} that we get our kids out-n-about in the world, we want them to love/respect other countries – admire people everywhere – and really have a good understanding/experience of the world around us. so, these little trips conquer multiple areas of good.

we have gone through the cycle once in this order: myla*kiana*kj, {unfortunatley,


sela: at work

May 20, 2011

it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, she sure loves it! what? you ask…

sela-bella gets to go to work with big papi! just follow the signs to find her at her own little desk in the hallway…

sela's lil office one

sela's lil office two

so cute.


my babe comes home today…

August 12, 2010
he’s been gone for exactly 24 days.



that’s the longest we have been apart from one another,


yeah, longest we’ve been apart since we’ve been married, engaged,
and the time we spent dating.

dearest army spouses:

we have no idea how you do it.
big big KUDOS, to you all.

here’s a picture he sent me about a week ago…

while working, here, he takes breaks with the guys to play a little volleyball..



January 30, 2009

ahhhh, mazatlan.
our home away from home.

Back in July, I shared our love of the Philippines. Well, my husband a.k.a. Pro Look Sports also has a factory in Mazatlan, Mexico.
Since PL started contracting work with this factory our family has been traveling to Mazatlan. While recently there we tried to nail down how many times we have gone. We think this was our seventh family trip. Of course Dusty has also gone solo. Our first trip there as a family I was pregnant with KJ. We have celebrated Halloween in Mazatlan, Thanksgiving, and lots of birthdays in-between. I am drawn to the familiarity Mazatlan has to us,