the bungay boys visit america!

for the very first time!

alson & myla bungay are my husbands business partners. and our dear dear friends. they own the pro look factory in the philippines. myla bungay is also the namesake of my myla.

in the fall of 2008, alson & myla came to the U.S.A. for their first visit {2008 trip, here, here, here, here, and here}, and last week they brought their oldest three boys {amber, melvin, and nathan} to visit for their first trip to the U.S.A.!!!

we kept them going 24/7, literally.

the bungays arrived to our home right in the middle of kj’s 7th birthday party. this included a post-party involving a very late night of ‘modern warfare’ that all the boys participated in! kj loved having a house full of gamers for a few days.

we went to lagoon. did you know it cost $42.95+tax for a single day now? yeah. crazy. families/groups with 4 or more are $87.95 each for season passports. yeah, they want you to buy a season passport. so, all six of us are season passport holders now, maybe we’ll get crazy & go twice this year!

we stopped by here, the bungays & dusty attended a nba jazz playoffs game in sweet seats! there was an all-day trip to park city, because auntie myla has a bit of an obsession with this! the bungay boys took these bags home to their girlfriends! i’m thinking LUCKY girlfriends, no?!?

we had a pre-season pro look volleyball night. lots and lots of more shopping! more eating! and more movies!

{Nathan is praying here, above, “God please keep me safe!”

we love the bungays, thank you for visiting!

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  1. what? Lagoon is OPEN?!!

    you were the perfect hosts for their first time to america! Love the pics. Lagoon looks so cold, but i bet there were no crowds.
    I can't believe sela is big enough to do the swings. too cute!
    Kj looks thrilled to be riding the ladybug ride, or maybe he is sick of smiling for the camera. He is hilarious!

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