the Pro Look Sports christmas party

This year the Pro Look Christmas party began at Carrabba’s Italian restaurant for dinner. Dusty had changed the entire game plan the night before and spent all day preparing for a “Price Is Right” theme as opposed to his previous idea. He took Sela in the morning to buy all the items necessary from Macey’s, Best Buy and Costco. He finished purchasing the items at 5:30pm. The dinner started at 6pm so we missed the first hour as we all raced to prepare. I have to admit… although not organized months in advance as I’d like… he masterfully concocted and pulled off a gameplan that should take weeks in a matter of hours. Anyway, we caught the end of dinner, scarfed down our meals while everyone finished desert and raced back to he house for the games. In the past the night has started with a race to the house… lots of money is given out so just in case… about 3-4 couples even beat us back to the house.
Bob Barker/Drew Carey a.k.a. Dusty Rhodes took over
He had help from the beautiful assistants, Cheyenne and Kiana. I was the “voice” who called everyone down and I tallied the bids/prices/showcase showdowns/etc/etc…
Before the first contestants were called down, everyone received a new Pro Look jacket with a pocket full of fat bonus checks!
Our first row of contestants were super fun as there names were called. They opened up starting to bid on an Ed Hardy thermal shirt.
Nick won the first then went on to win his prize (a Nikon S60 touch screen camera) plus the groceries from his game.
Brian won the second bid for a sweet pair of Lois Hill earrings and then amazingly won his game to take home a Sharp LCD TV/DVD combo.

Dave was next…who nailed the exact price of a 16GB nano to win an additional $500 plus his game to take home a PIMP watch.
then Brent Hek was the 4th contestant to win the bid on a brand new Hobo wallet promptly giving it to his sweetie and then won his game (yeah… 4 for 4 thus far) and took home an XBox 360 bundle pack. After his game Troy was the winner on 10 Full Service Supersonic washes and then won his game as well to take home a new pair of Prada sunglasses.Then we had the first SHOWCASE SPINS- {big-time spinner!} troy won with a 3 and a 7 = 10 (and and additional $100)!

Then it was time for the second five contestants…
Jared kept the winning going after winning his bid and a couples massage he won Lissette a brand new Coach bag (which I hear she is breaking the rules and trading it in for some swim suits:)).
Dan was not only the next winner of the bid and a new pair of Uggs but also the big winner of the night hitting the exact price and collecting $500 more and winning his game to take home a new Sony Blu Ray DVD player. Later in the night he won the drawing for a new Travel Pro set of luggage. He and Caycie were a riot!
Brent L won a pair of Sevens Jeans with his bid and then won his game to take home a a Diesel jacket that Dusty wanted. A funny note is that in the grocery items that he won was a Hot Wheels car that KJ wanted. As they were walking away Dusty said, “I’ll buy that Hot Wheels car back from you.” Mandy said, “Ok, $100!” Needless to say they are a $100 richer. 🙂
Jarem won his bid to get Dusty’s favorite cologne (Salvatorre Ferragamo) and a MagLight set. He also, guessed thee exact price and won an additional $500 then won his game to take home a Canon All-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax machine.
The pressure was on Jason to win since ALL 9 had won their games. He didn’t let anyone down taking home a TEAC Ipod stereo system and Little Giant Ladder system.
Time for the second set of contestants to spin-off!
Jason was the highest winner and had won more than Troy so had first choice on the showcases.
The SHOWCASE SHOWDOWNS included a Pimp LCD TV with mount and install, DirecTV with HD/DVR for a year. The second was a vacation for two to Cabo all expense paid.
Troy and Jason BOTH overbid. But were given an additional $100 each for playing.

Troy’s reaction to finding out he had OVERBID on his showcase…
Jason’s reaction to finding out that he also had OVERBID on his showcase…
The wonderful, hard-working, very appreciated Pro Look employees who did not go to Vegas for the weekend for the BYU game…and were rewarded for it. They were all SUPER fun and a blast to spend the evening with. GO PRO!

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  1. k… That’s it!! I want to work for Pro look!
    Holy COW!! Your pro look parties are the Bomb! How fun that he pulled the Price is right theme together so fast!
    LOVE the gifts!

  2. So EVERYONE who emailed me their prizes (so i could record them) said, “This was the BEST Christmas party EVER!!!” I am STILL so bummed we missed.

  3. I wonder who had the genius idea to schedule the Christmas party while I was in Vegas for the bowl game? I’m not bitter at all…

  4. SO FUN to read our story. That night was magical! Thank you so much for a fantastic night- even if Jason and I blew the show case showdown- it was still a blast! Now my pimp glasses (that I DID NOT TRADE IN :-))Are going to look sweet in Mexico – 3 WEEKS YEA BOYEE!!! Ohh and as far as scheduling it during the BYU game- it came down to PLS OR BYU- hey the real winners went with PLS! Hope the drive back as double losers was worth it – KYLE!:-)

  5. just so you know, i didn’t break the rules – i traded the bag for a wallet (could trade it one something that was similar in spirit) and dusty will be very happy to know that i “weeded” out a ton of crap from my old wallet and this new one is pimp and thin…let’s hope it stays that way and i don’t go George Costanza and start putting Ketchup packets into it 🙂

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