welcome to the USA!

September 16, 2008

Alson and Myla Bungay are here to visit! It’s their very first trip to the
United States of America… can you imagine!?!

Dusty has known the Bungay’s for about 16 years, and this is their first time to be visiting our family on our turf! our home! We are beyond excited!

I prepared the guest room. Stocked it full of new Bath & Body Works supplies, a bowl full of Hershey’s nuggets, a large Symphony candy bar, clean sheets, clean towels, the TV is ready… {{{Put our service to the test}}}

We picked them up at the airport early this afternoon and our first stop was the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City.



July 23, 2008

It has been 6 years since Kiana, Myla, and I have been to the Philippines, way too long. This was KJ’s first trip.

It takes 27 hours to go from point A to point B for this trip. A friend of ours who visited the Phillipphines told us about using a transportation service called 2go travel but we had already made our plans. The kids are troopers, their parents are super-troopers. When we arrive in Manila, Dusty has made it a habit to spend the night at Edsa Shangri-la for a night then the next morning, we make the drive to the factory about 2 hours north of Manila to Angeles.
this is how my camera takes pictures –


…with Alson’s Sportswear and family…

{January 1994}
Dusty and his best friend Paul (childhood friends & roommates at SUU) go to the Philippines to find the factory that made the shorts that Paul brought Dusty home from his mission. With a little money in their pockets and big dreams of buying and selling NBA apparel they embarked. This is a picture taken of them leaving Las Vegas for Manila.
They went directly to the factory and made the deal for some Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and various other apparel. They met Myla and Alson and began not only their business but a friendship that has lasted to this day and which is responsible for Dusty’s successful business…


at the Rhodes…

It seems,
that all of us who took pictures either really suck at action shots…
or the camera we were using sucks.
Or… maybe we didn’t have any great volleyball shots.
It couldn’t be the last one, we’re all really good! hehe.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few pictures for the value of entertainment. You can decide who makes the best/or worst faces while playing…

{I recommend clicking on the pictures to see the enlarged view}


indoor soccer

February 27, 2008

Introducing the “Red Iguanas!” We had our 2nd game tonight, last week we lost by one 4-3{first game.} This week we tied 4-4 woo-hoo! We’re all set to win next week! These are all neighbors & friends, many who have never played soccer and are doing SO good! I’ve actually been playing goalie for about 1/2 the game because everyone is new, but that is a big reason we’re losing. Everyone else is going to start getting goalie experience too so I can work my butt off on the field.

There’s three+ reasons I LOVE indoor soccer. It’s one of the funnest things EVER, it’s great exercise{sprinting, who does that after having babies?}, and I love getting out of the house with friends to do it.


The Pro Look Christmas Party

December 9, 2007

This is one of our favorite events all year. We have the most amazing employees! For us, it never feels like a work/office party, it’s just one big family. My cheeks are always sore from laughing at the end of this party, and there was no exception this year.

My apologies to Dusty {sigh}, I failed us on the foos ball tourney, but congrats to all the winners and rock stars!

Troy & Daphne, thanks for hosting the dinner, it was beautiful & delicious!Dessert & Games @ The Rhodesthank you,