welcome to the USA!

Alson and Myla Bungay are here to visit! It’s their very first trip to the
United States of America… can you imagine!?!

Dusty has known the Bungay’s for about 16 years, and this is their first time to be visiting our family on our turf! our home! We are beyond excited!

I prepared the guest room. Stocked it full of new Bath & Body Works supplies, a bowl full of Hershey’s nuggets, a large Symphony candy bar, clean sheets, clean towels, the TV is ready… {{{Put our service to the test}}}

We picked them up at the airport early this afternoon and our first stop was the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. We had lunch at “Z Tejas” and they loved it.
We made a stop into Abercrombie for Alson to get set up with a good supply of cargo shorts. Myla stopped into Victoria’s Secret for lotions and potions; Banana Republic; We had a BIG stop into Old Navy and, of course, GAP.

This was Myla & Alson’s first time to be in all of these stores! For years, she has been choosing things online for us to order and bring to her, or I’ve done shopping for her in all of these stores, but now she has been there! so cool.

To end our Gateway experience we stopped into Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and ordered something of everything! Caramel apples, chocolate dipped bananas & strawberries…it was their first time to try all of it. They liked it.
Then we headed home for a Pro Look Dinner & Volleyball party. We had a delicious dinner, the chicken & ribs were catered by GoodWood, and everyone from Pro Look brought yummy side dishes – thank you!

After dinner, we started our volleyball tournament and Alson and Myla rode the Segways!

{if anyone has more vball pictures – let me know!}}

4 responses to “welcome to the USA!”

  1. Wow, I want to be put up in your guest bedroom! (Ha Ha) Your are an excellent host. I can’t believe that in 16 years they’ve never made it to America. That is great that they are here:)

    I’m a little nervous for tonight’s game. I’m not going to lie, it has been quit a while since I’ve ran. I just haven’t had a lot of extra energy and I’m just plain lazy. Wish me luck….

  2. I’m so glad they are getting to see the other side of the PL biz and the USA at the same time. They have the perfect hosts!

  3. I bet they absolutely love being hosted by you guys! The next time I need a fabulous vacay I’m going to check into the Rhodes Establishment:)
    I was scrolling down and noticed your friend Sara’s shower. I chatted with her at a flag football game recently. She’s got to be the most beautiful prego ever! It makes sense that she’s a good friend of yours;)

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