Pro Look Sports volleyball night

at the Rhodes…

It seems,
that all of us who took pictures either really suck at action shots…
or the camera we were using sucks.
Or… maybe we didn’t have any great volleyball shots.
It couldn’t be the last one, we’re all really good! hehe.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few pictures for the value of entertainment. You can decide who makes the best/or worst faces while playing…

{I recommend clicking on the pictures to see the enlarged view}

7 responses to “Pro Look Sports volleyball night

  1. Jane, I think you definetaly win for the funniest face while playing! And how cool to have your own Vollyball pit.

  2. Enrique and I stop by last night in our scooter to say hi. Kiana came out the house and told us that you guys were playing volleball. I thought she was kidding!!! That’s cool!!

  3. I think it’s a rule that you are not a true volleyball played unless you get caught making funny faces!! Looks like lots of fun…you know how I love volleyball!

  4. Ok I think it is a draw! Between Daph’s last picture and Jane getting ready to kiss the ball- he he – LOVE IT! Thanks Jane for an incredible party we had ton’s of fun!

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