touring Utah, day 4

Before our road trip to Vegas, we had a full day of eating & errands…

At our home, they had crepes a.k.a. grandma Connie’s omelets for breakfast.

As we headed over to the mall for some more shopping, we stopped at
for Italian Gelato, mmm mmmm mmm
{{{everyone needs to stop by this place and try the grapefruit, coconut, and tiramisu}}} oh, my…it’s good.

Since we were in the neighborhood, I took them to
Startup Candy Co.
for my favorite treat in the world!
chocolate covered cinnamon bears!

We had lunch at
Cafe’ Rio

{{{more errands}}}
had to buy an entire new set of suitcases for all the shopping they’ve been doing…to get everything back home!

Before leaving town, we stopped by Dusty’s favorite treat stop
Pudding on the Rice

In Cedar City, we had to stop – since this is the city where not only
Dusty & I met…
This is where the sportswear business began…

And, time for orange chicken at Panda Express!

Alson & Myla enjoyed the drive to Vegas. At every TOWN, Alson would see the lights and say, “Is that Vegas?!?” In Fillmore, Scipio, Beaver, Cedar, St. George, Mesquite – every town. Seriously. We kept telling him, “No, you’ll be able to tell when it’s Vegas…” They were so excited.

Next stop- Mandalay Bay, Vegas

7 responses to “touring Utah, day 4”

  1. Wow! They definately won’t want to go home after all of this. Maybe that’s what you’re hoping for:) I am sooo with you on the Chocolate cinnamon bears. It’s impossible just to eat a few. And speaking of treats…what’s yummy at Pudding on the Rice? I’ve never been.

  2. Wow, you are making me hungry! I always wondered where that Candy store of yours was called and where it was!

    How you stay so skinny after eating at all these places is amazing!!

  3. I’ve said it before but you need to write a guide book for fun places in UT. I have been searching high and low for those damn chocolate covered cinnamon bears! And an entire shop full of pudding? I think I will live there.

  4. i always get made fun of on road trips from CA to SLC because everyone else wants to stop in Vegas or St. George and I want to stop and see my old Cedar.

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