touring Las Vegas, day 5

After arriving past midnight to Vegas, Dusty and I took advantage of SLEEPING the next morning while Alson and Myla began their sightseeing.

Since we were staying at the Mandalay Bay, they woke up and went to the “Shark Reef” exhibition that we had just gone to with our kids in August…

Then we met up with them to go to the Venetian…

Dusty had two things he was shopping for on this trip.
2-fossil wallet

When we walked into the Venetian Palazzo shops, Dusty walked straight into the store Dolce’ and experienced love at first sight with these sunglasses…

Chrome Hearts.

Seriously, this is one of those brands that was designed with my husband in mind.
Lets say,
Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas,
Happy 13th Anniversary BABY!

You deserve ’em!

But, really, Dusty wore these babies around the clock. He didn’t even want to take them off when we went inside… Not to mention, I got hooked up with a pretty sweet new pair of sunglasses too – or two. LOVE YOU babe!

One of the “live” statues at the Venetian…

We rode the indoor Gondola…we had a great Gondola driver…

Then we walked down the strip a bit and stopped at The Paris to have lunch at “Mon Ami Gabi.” This was a treat. And, I completely recommend it. We chose to sit on the patio which is directly across the street from the Bellagio fountains. During lunch, we watched 3 performances of the fountains. I just love how powerful that water can be when it shoots up at the highest. Alson & Myla loved it, too. Plus, really yummy food.

me/Alson/Myla with the Bellagio fountain show in the background…
As we walked down the strip a little farther we went through the new “Miracle Mile Shops” at the PH. We saw the indoor rain storm…

A little walk farther down the strip,
We took a hit at an oxygen bar.
This was a first for all of us.
And, our first time reactions:
We all agree it did just about nothing for us.
The guy who worked there said if you have a hang-over or you’re not feeling well, it should really help.

Maybe that was our trouble, none of us were hung-over or sick…
A quick stop by the M&M store…
What’s Vegas without Elvis?
Or three Elvis’…
Each time we stopped to do an activity or walk through a shopping area, Alson would tell us…”Just sightseeing, lets sightsee…”

So, Alson chose to continue walking around downtown Vegas…

and Dusty, Myla, and I went to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum…

Which is your favorite? most realistic?

{if you know our son at all, you’ll realize he literally could not believe his eyes when he saw this picture of his papi with…}
To complete our wonderful day, we went to a great show. Dusty & I had seen Beatles LOVE a couple years ago when it first opened at the Mirage. But, it was so much fun the second time around to watch Alson & Myla’s reactions to watching it. They have never been to a broadway show/musical/concert/etc…and were in awe of the performance. Alson sang along to every song! It was awesome.After the show, we said our good-byes and parted ways. Introducing Alson and Myla to the U.S.A. had been such a long-anticipated event that I couldn’t believe it had come to an end. Everytime I have been in the Philippines with Myla I have said, for years, “when you come to the U.S….we will go here… eat here….shop here…do this…” Now, the first trip has come and gone. Time passes so quickly. We all went to bed, and Alson & Myla woke up early the next morning headed for San Francisco/ Oakland where we heard they attended their first professional sports event- A’s vs. Mariners. From there they went back to L.A. They loved it!
Alson & Myla will return home to the Philippines Saturday.
They will be back in the U.S.A. next Spring with their boys!

4 responses to “touring Las Vegas, day 5

  1. Sweet Sunglasses Dusty!! Seriously that is the best part of Vegas, THE SHOPPING!! oh and then of course you want them to spend alot on something so you can as well!

    Love the Wax museum pictures, I haven’t ever been there!
    I love that you guys did everything and ate everywhere, i am SO Totally craving a VEGAS trip now!

    Oh and Alson and Myla have got to be exhausted…Now they are doing California?!

  2. Now that is what I call a grand finale! I’d have to say I loved the Matthew McC wax man. Andre Agassi(sp?) was pretty good too.

  3. Love Dusty’s sunglasses! You guys sure packed it all it! So Fun! Johnny Depp might be the most realistic. You will definitely have to take KJ back there to see his Halo dude!

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