…and we spent five days simply enjoying one another’s company.


for the past few years susan has had dark hair. yet, she’s notorious for this pattern: blonde – dark brown – blonde – dark brown, it’s just been a long time since she’s been blonde! so, we were chatting to each other on our cell phones as she walked out of the airport –

i said, “i see mckenna! where are you?!?

and, sure enough – she was right next to kenna! rockin’ the blonde hair’do!

i totally didn’t recognize her! obviously, we were overdue for spending some time together!!!

on her first evening in boston,


water for elephants.

April 29, 2011

a few months ago, my book club read this.

then we planned a book club + spouses-were-invited date night…

we had dinner at a fave pizzeria & went to the movie!

the movie ~

…it wasn’t “the most spectacular show on earth!” but, it was good.

beware: the animal cruelty at times is rough on the eyes. i felt a bit like a little kid when i had to plug my ears and close my eyes… my heart is tender towards animals, so those scenes were tough to watch.


Rio 3D

April 22, 2011

jesse eisenberg’s voice matches blu’s big worrywart eyes perfectly, and he and hathaway, give it their all.

i wasn’t expecting much from this movie, so maybe that’s why i was happily shocked at how much i liked it…

the vibrant colors and upbeat music of the animation just made me happy.



April 13, 2011

i have not seen the original ‘arthur’ movie, but i’m loving the brand in this one!

{and, i like his wife.}

have you seen either arthur movie?!? what are your thoughts?



April 12, 2011

imagine: a santa clause movie {any of them} + the chipmunks movies meet the easter bunny. i briefly fell asleep {that was nice.}

i was extremely grateful to have a bestie with me, because mid-movie we got a mild case of the giggles at how ridiculous this movie was…

in the end, when miss four is very happy with the movie, it was worth it!
{perfect for kids ages 3-7.}

and, we totally loved the dancin’-jammin’ chick!

{image via}


soul surfer

April 11, 2011

i haven’t been posting my little movie reviews on a consistent basis for about six months.

it was one of my ways of simplifying things around here. except, one of my most loyal blog-commenter’s is rori, and i miss rori’s comments {rori says she likes my movie reviews.}

so, without further ado, i’m bringing them back! starting now.

soul-inspiring. if you don’t leave this movie feeling like you can conquer something…you have no soul. {just kidding.}

i took my kids to see it — miss thirteen, miss eleven, and i sat there crying for at least half the movie, so expect tears!

and now,