soul surfer

i haven’t been posting my little movie reviews on a consistent basis for about six months.

it was one of my ways of simplifying things around here. except, one of my most loyal blog-commenter’s is rori, and i miss rori’s comments {rori says she likes my movie reviews.}

so, without further ado, i’m bringing them back! starting now.

soul-inspiring. if you don’t leave this movie feeling like you can conquer something…you have no soul. {just kidding.}

i took my kids to see it — miss thirteen, miss eleven, and i sat there crying for at least half the movie, so expect tears!

and now, we are all craving a trip to hawaii. and, i would love to attend church regularly on the beach!

have you seen it? thoughts???

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3 responses to “soul surfer”

  1. That is so funny! I was just texting my girlfriends and we are seeing it tomorrow @1!! Im excited… Thanks for the review:)

  2. eeeek! that's me! I feel so famous and nervous. Man, i don't know if I can handle this movie, blubbering during movie usually equals blubbering all day for me. What about is the shark attack shown/gory?

  3. absolutely inspiring movie! so fun to see it while we were actually in hawaii. I love the ocean and usually have NO fear but when i was out on a paddle board i actually had to calm myself down every few minutes! I would freak out and then calm down. it was so weird.

    WE LOVED this movie!!

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