i’m thirty-five.
as in, almost twenty-four hours ago, i turned thirty-five.
and, i was shakin’ it with this iphone photo app, all weekend…

my entire weekend has been a celebration.
so much goodness jam-packed into three days.

how am i feeling? about this big three-five?

well, the first five years of my thirties were beautiful,
easy to age…as i kept adding those years.

this next five i might not take with such grace.
this three-five feels like the older-side-of-thirty.


for now, i’m happily-thirty-five,

girls lunch on friday at smashburger…my choice of restaurant!



August 12, 2010

if you think ‘L O S T’ is complicated…
don’t go see this film.

however, i proudly think, i’ve got the whole movie figured out.
the ending, does ‘spin’ us to believe that we need to wait for a sequel…

i love this quote:, from the beginning of the movie:

“What is the most resilient parasite?

A virus?
An intestinal worm?

An idea.

Resilient… highly contagious.
Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.



August 11, 2010

a jolie good time! {hehe}
seriously. best action movie i’ve seen in a long time.
realize: jolie does all her own stunts in this movie…


step-up 3D

kiana, myla, and i went to a late showing of this, this past weekend…
kiana just attended dance nationals with the cutie-patootie hip-hop girl who stars
in the film. she is a sweetheart right along with being an incredible dancer.

we were more excited about seeing her in the movie,
which helped with dis-regarding how cheesy cliche’



August 2, 2010
despicable me ~
despicable? hardly. oddly-charming? definitely.
a must see.

kj has a new trick.
he pops the lenses out of his 3-d glasses,
and transforms them into a trendy accessory.

myla copied him,
i thought they were both adorable!


{avatar: the last airbender} ~

i did not see this movie, however, my kids did. i had no interest whatsoever! myla, who is the avatar expert, says, “it’s slow. she loved it. not like the book. she can’t wait for the next. {a bit contradictory, in her opinions}


ramona &


girls night out…

July 5, 2010
i was either laughing till my stomach hurt…

eating till my stomach hurt…

or, my stomach just hurt.

i have a herniated belly-button, which is ridiculous,
and one of these days i gotta just get it fixed, because it flares up at the worst of times!

as far as this is concerned…

dear bella,
just pick Girl, just pick the werewolf now so we can all go home!

jacob is ‘hotter’



June 29, 2010

the whole movie is a bunch of middle-aged guys, hanging out, and mocking each other…

which is pretty funny.

then they pee on things.

and it gets raunchy, and i’m rarely entertained by cheap humor.