despicable me ~
despicable? hardly. oddly-charming? definitely.
a must see.

kj has a new trick.
he pops the lenses out of his 3-d glasses,
and transforms them into a trendy accessory.

myla copied him,
i thought they were both adorable!


{avatar: the last airbender} ~

i did not see this movie, however, my kids did. i had no interest whatsoever! myla, who is the avatar expert, says, “it’s slow. she loved it. not like the book. she can’t wait for the next. {a bit contradictory, in her opinions}


ramona & beezus ~
the best tween movie, this year.
{in our family, ramona = myla!}

loved it.

and, josh duhamel? he should be in every movie. wink. wink.

my myla was inspired by ramona,
the very night after we saw the movie,
this appeared in my kitchen…


the sorcerer’s apprentice ~
the sorcerer’s biggest trick, is probably making the audience disappear.
{that said, my myla loved it.}


charlie st. cloud ~
zac efron is so handsome, even dead people want to be his friend.
however, if the movie did not have zac efron, the movie would be dead.


i tried to see ‘inception’ and 45 minutes into the movie, our theater shut down. something broke, and we were all given 2 rainchecks each. i’ll be seeing it this week, i hope!

6 responses to “movies…

  1. I love that you see so many movies so I know which ones to see and which ones to skip. I think I will still see charlie st cloud cause Zac Efron is so cute! Myla is SO creative! She could work on a cruise ship and be the person that folds the towels all cute in the rooms! So clever!

  2. I know Sorcerer's Apprentice isn't that good, but I'm a HUGE Nicholas Cage fan…so have to see it.
    I havent seen Inception…just don't want to see a movie that will leave me confused when it's over ya know??? I have enough confusion in the real world 🙂

  3. We LOVED Ramona and Beezus!!! Lauren is our Ramona for sure, but I bet you could have guessed that 🙂 So funny how our first born girls are so similar and our 2nd born girls are also so much alike!

    I haven't seen Despicable Me, but Kate did and she loved it…she keeps telling me that I need to go see it! Glad you liked it so much, it does sound really cute.

    Thank you for all of the other reviews too!

  4. Sad to hear about charlie st. cloud. I just read the book and it was good. although I can see already from the previews that the book and movie differ. I always love reading your movie reviews so I know what is good and which movies to skip.

  5. Oh man, Zac Efron is definitely easy on the eyes! I saw this movie too… didn't love it (too sad!) But I sure did LOVE him – Pretty sure I will stick with 17 Again 🙂
    P.s. This is totally unrelated to this post – but you inspired me to purchase my first pair of Toms, and I must say, they are so comfy! I am totally hooked… now I want at least 3 more pairs 🙂

  6. I'm loving the movie reviews! Beautiful blog, darling family, and incredible style all around. The Easter color coding idea is genius. Feel free to send any other inspirations to the Lemon Tree Project.

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